Reviews: Anonymous

Jetpak Jumpdesk

Berlin, Germany

very nice hostel. the atmosphere is very condusive to meeting the other people staying there. the only improvements would be in adding a kitchen so that you don't always have to eat out!

Landhaus Hotel

Bern, Switzerland

This hotel was nothing special. It was nice to be near the center of Bern, but the rooms were sort of strange. The section of the building I was in looked out directly over the sidewalk and street, and people could see everything in the room (including me) if the curtain was open. The doors to the rooms didn't lock unless you were inside, so you had to lock your valuables in a closet (but that's somewhat typical of hostels anyways). The staff were fine, I really only saw them twice.

Siena Hostel

Siena, Italy

A bit far from the center of Siena--Also, not all the buses run on Sundays so if you arrive then, it may be difficult to get to the hostel without a taxi! However, great value for money, the staff is wonderful, friendly, and helpful, fast internet, across from a pizzeria--all in all, a very good deal.


There is no wifi, which makes it difficult to do things if you don't have an Italian cell phone. Also, the location is very far from both the train station and the center of Lecce. It took about 25 minutes to walk to the center and 45 minutes to walk to the train station. However, the apartment is very nice, with a full kitchen, living room, bathroom, balconies, etc. The staff is also very nice and friendly. It's a great place to stay if distance doesn't bother you.