Reviews: Anonymous

X Hostel Alicante

Alicante, Spain

I loved that there is 24 hour hot showers and wifi that is really strong throughout the hostel. Hannah was a staff member that was most helpful and very sweet. Otherwise, just expect the staff to use the facilities and act like guests and then you won't be surprised by anything. But the hostel has a full kitchen, terrace, and fans. All necessities I was looking for! I also thought the main room was very comfortable!

Mountain Hostel Tarter

El Tarter, Andorra

This hostel was so wonderful. It´s clearly been professionally decorated and is really comfortable! Just so you know its a little far from the main town. However, normally I would prefer to stay in the center of town, but because this hostel is so close to the most amazing hiking trails in the world, I would say don´t stay in the middle of town. It´s only 3 euros to get there anyway by their bus system. This hostel was like a posh cabin. Perfect for adventure and relaxation!

Albergue Zaragoza Hostel

Zaragoza, Spain

This hostel is the only place I would stay because of the historical value. It´s beautiful and really rich in history! The underground dungeon is super cool and a great place to hang out! They have plenty of computers to use and the hostel was really close to everything. The only thing is the wifi doesn´t work in the rooms, but it works everywhere else and was just fine.

Aloha Hostel Pamplona

Pamplona, Spain

Brilliant hostel. Very comfortable. Small kitchen, only 2 burners, but lovely terrace and really comfy rooms.


This hostel is pretty simple but it was a good value. I liked that there was air conditioning that my roommys and I could control from the room, free breakfasts, wifi that works every where in the hostel, and it´s in the center of town! I had a hard time finding it because there is no number on the building and NO ONE in town is familiar with the street. Also, the kitchen was a little inconvenient so dont plan on cooking easily. But otherwise it´s a good hostel for sure.

Surfbackpackers Bilbao

Bilbao, Spain

I loved this hostel! It´s like a bachelors pad, but it´s clean and the owner is super anal about making sure it smells good 24-7. So it´s like a really clean bachelor pad! It is in a town outside of the main town, and normally that would bother me, but it didnt because it gave me a chance to see more of Bilboa. Also, it´s only 1 or 2 stops on the metro to get to everthing, and the hostel is so close to the metro, so it´s fine! The owner is absent a lot, but honestly, I didnt need him..

Albergue La Estacion

Llanes Asturias, Spain

I liked this hostel. Very simple but great staff and great location, and the only hostel in town. So I was grateful to be there and meet people in the large living space where everyone hangs out. Staff is great!

Meiga Backpackers

Santiago de Compostela, Spain

I loved this hostel, it's like staying at a best freinds house. I saved so much money because there is food everywhere. The town is very small but has a surprisingly active night life. Falso when there isn't much to do the staff will cook, and start parties or games. The sheets are fuzzy and the shower on the second floor is a rain shower, totally luxurious!

La Casa de David

Cadiz, Spain

I loved staying at Casa de David. It is a literal converted apartment, so one must expect to stay at a home rather than a large hostel when booking. I chose this hostel because it was one of the least expensive in Cadíz, and it was right on the ocean. David was very nice and other guests and I ended up eating out with him a couple of times. He had great recommendations for places to eat and things to do. Cadíz is the most gorgeous city in Spain and even though Casa de David is in the best part!

Grand Luxe Hostel

Seville, Spain

I loved this hostel, it was one of the nicest I had ever stayed at. Also, many other guests said the same thing! It was very clean, very comfortable with great air conditioning, excellent showers, comfy beds, breakfast. It was a perfect hostel. TV room, terrace, location was the best of any hostel in the area. It was literally perfect. I especially loved Pancho Tours; Chel and Santiago were amazing, very funny and helpful. I would do anything Pancho Tours is doing, especially the flamenco show.


This hostel was like staying in a tree house. It was so chill and really relaxing.

Be Mar Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

We loved the hostel. I wanted my mom to see what it was like and she loved it. The other people that stayed there were super fun and it was a huge party environment, but not too crazy. It was a nice tranquil feel, and was quiet when we wanted to sleep. The only thing we didn't like was the street it was located on. But we did like the proximity to everything else in the city.

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

I loved this hostel, it was a fun party environment but not overt the top.