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So, I'm pretty sure this is the nicest and most staffed hostel I've ever stayed in. Ever. I've stayed in 20+, but this one takes the cake in the WOW-factor. The only thing that remotely detracts from it's 5-star atmosphere of flash and flare is its location in the seedy "red-light" district of Frankfurt. I don't mind toting my luggage past a XXX-theatre, but some of the novice hostel-bookers might be caught off guard. Anyhoo, this place rocked. New bar, wifi, pool table, CLEAN room. Schwanky!

Hostel Ana Rijeka

Rijeka, Croatia

Okay, to clear it all up: this is a super-minimal backpacker's hostel. This isn't a party-palace, a 5-star luxury villa nor a well-to-do weekend getawayer's first choice of places to lie their head. It is, however, a very welcoming family doing what they can to get by. Rijeka is dirt cheap and rather run-down, but the location is prime for people passing through or those who want to get away on pocket change. Wear sandals in the shower if you're worried and be glad it's not raining on your bed.