Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Lella

Rome, Italy

Although this place was listed on hostelworld it was a hotel. The Room i staid in was a single room with a private bathroom, shower included, which was nice, but a hotel as opposed to the traditional multibed dorms of hostels. I'd recommend it for the price, but there is no commonroom which is custumary for a hostel. Mark in Denmark

Nuova Locanda Belvedere

Venice, Italy

This hostel had a good location just outside venice, although it was 10-15 minutes by bus i'd still recommend it. It was nice to get okt of the city again and relax at the hostel. The common area was great since it seated many guests and fun place to meet people and relax in the evening. Worth noting is the lack of security you feel when there are no lockers, but only the lock on the room door, which you share with Four other guests. Also there are only two shower slash toilets which means lines


I stayed here for four nights and it was a great place with nice guests and a helpfull staff. The hostel had great a location close to both public transportation and sights. The only critique i have is the small commonroom and unstable wifi. Mark in Denmark