Reviews: Anonymous

Killarney Railway Hostel

Killarney, Ireland

Could do with more couches in the recreation area.

Paddy's Palace Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Overall we loved our stay here. The location was perfect and the extra bonus of having the free tour and free airport shuttle saved us some euros too. The only negative comment is that on the last night the fire alarm was triggered somehow and the way that the staff member on duty handled the situation was extremely unprofessional and offensive. I think the staff should be trained on how to handle similar situations with more respect and professionalism.

CroParadise Green Hostel

Split, Croatia

We stayed in the light green double room for five nights. The bathroom was only cleaned twice in that time, normally this would have been ok but the shower flooded the bathroom everytime someone used it, so it got pretty gross after two uses. Besides this the room was great and the location was perfect.

A&O Köln Neumarkt

Cologne, Germany

We went when it was already getting cold and the rooms were way too hot. You should be able to open the windows fully but you can not. Linen and towels are charged extra which wasn't the case when we stayed at other A & O hostels. The bathroom becomes a sauna as soon as the water is running due to lack of ventilation.

Sultan Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Loved the free breakfast and the room air con. Wifi only works in bar/reception. Great location and awesome bar :)

The Old Town Hostel

Sibiu, Romania

While there are two bathrooms, the toilets are located in the same room as the showers so if you are needing to pee you have to wait for the people who are showering to finish. We had lockers but no keys to the building or room- it was always open and there was a receptionist working the whole time but still security could have been improved.

Minoo House

Budapest, Hungary

We loved this hostel, had so much fun exploring it and the surrounding city. all the facilities are clean and in great condition, the hostel is located very close to the old jewish ghetto, full of ruin pubs and cool shops. the staff were all very friendly and willing to help you out with anything you need.

A&T Holiday Hostel Wien

Vienna, Austria

Would have liked a kitchen to use, they did however let you store your food in their fridge which helped. Very clean but need absorbent floor mats for the bathroom or better draining as one shower would flood the bathroom. Perhaps a fan in the room would be a treat... summer + attic = stifling heat! Otherwise a nice new hostel and they even have a bar downstairs if you don't mind being gassed by the smokers!

Budget Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Great location ... really close to everything. Would have liked a bit more security on the door- felt like anyone would have been able to get in if they tried. Staff could have been a little more welcoming and friendly. Other than that the rooms are HUGE and the kitchen is well equipped.

Amsterdam Hostel Annemarie

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Generally a good hostel. Spacious rooms, good kitchen and common area, wifi also works great! Would suggest the hostel needs another fridge as the one it has was so jammed full it didn't shut properly and food had to be stored on top of it. Also the cleaning needs to be better maintained. It appeared only the sheets of people checking out were changed and the bins emptied in the whole three days we stayed in the dorm. Stairs can be a little scary if you have been drinking!

Stu. Residence Aryan

Brussels, Belgium

The room was fine, the internet however was very slow to the point where it would take about 3 mins to load one page. There was a stove and a sink in the room but no plates, utensils or pots to use. Overall a good place to stay for a quite relaxing time.

Room Pamplona

Pamplona, Spain

Great value for money. Be careful though as there are no signs on the building to indicate that the B&B is located there. Thankfully one of the lovely staff members were waiting on the street to greet us. The breakfast was delicious and the staff went out of their way to help us find the right bus station by escorting us to the stop :)