Reviews: Anonymous

Hotel RossoVino

Milan, Italy

Great hostel with a really friendly staff and easy access to all the sights. The only problem with this hostel is there were no other guests so the hostel itself was BORRRIIINNNGGGGG.Where the people at??? It was creepy.


Barcelona, Spain

Only stayed at this hostal 1 night even though we had booked 3. I think somehow they had double booked. While it was a bit annoying they set us up at an even nicer hostal down the street and paid the difference in price. During our time the staff was super nice and helpful and the place was clean and safe. It was lackinf in atmosphere and definitely not the best hostal to meet people at

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Great hostel. One of the best I've stayed at. The atmosphere and common room are great amd provide an awesome space to meet people. Also a very large clean kitchen. The only real problem is the lockers suck amlnd domt really lock too well