Reviews: Anonymous

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Convenient location within blocks of a major train station; overall, it can be summed up as a youth party hostel. The staff was genuinely friendly (especially the two receptionists from Madrid and Australia). Not all rooms have air conditioning, which can be frustrating in the summer, and the bathrooms, during my time, were not well maintained. However, overall, great experience. I'll be back.

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

The best hostel I have ever been to! Events every night, location is perfect, staff is incredibly welcoming, clean, affordable; not much more to ask for! Special thanks to the Colombian twins that led the pub crawls and Pablo for making the experience a bit more authentic! I hope Mora the newcomer was put on staff too, she was great!


Great staff, they are more than willing to help you with any questions you have! Shoreditch is ideal if your looking for a youthful night out! Highly recommended!