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Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

the toilets and showers were clean and spacious and un crowded. toilets had air fresheners which I thought was a nice touch. staff were friendly and the pub crawl was awesome.

Blue Sky Hostel

Glasgow, Scotland

tried 4 showers and 3 were broken . one you couldn't regulate the heat and only one had a shower head you could fix. wouldn't stay here again for that reason

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You can regulate the heat, you just have to look carefully at the settings and make sure the knob is pointing in the right direction, i know its hard to understand if you are from a country that does not have electric showers. Its impossible to keep up with the damage to the shower head fixings. people love to rip them out the wall for some reason i cant figure out .


Newcastle upon Tyne, England

nice and quiet little hostel there was bread in the back of one of the cupboards which was probably 3 months old which I found a bit gross but it was my only fault with the joint

Global Village

Belfast, Northern Ireland

friendly staff always willing to help. free pool is great aswell

Kilkenny Tourist Hostel

Kilkenny, Ireland

good place to stay right in the heart of Kilkenny.

Jacobs Inn

Dublin, Ireland

was a little disappointed while watching tv was kicked although politely kicked out of the room as a group of school children had booked it out. me and a lot of others were cramped in the small lobby area with no power points able to be used


your staff were awesome and helpful. probably needs bigger fridges as they were always full


great staff. overheard the staff meeting sounded spot on. did go to couple of toilets that where out of paper probably my only complaint. food was great


decent hostel, great location

Hatters at Hilton Chambers

Manchester, England

great place to visit, the atmosphere breeds conversation. great place to go trvelling alone

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We're so glad you think so. We do like a lone traveller, and it's a good perk when we get to watch friendships blossom, however corny that sounds.