Reviews: Anonymous

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Really enjoyed my time in the Hostel, professional staff, really nice hosts and specially above everything CLEAN ! Ill come back in the future :)

Grand Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Out of the more then 9 countries i have been and more then 12 hostels, I can garantee that Grand Hostel Berlin is by far the best, It has a great atmosphere due of it being a big old german house, maybe pre-dating both world wars, really secure with password doors the staff were really helpful, friendly, with a person to person experience, the hostel has all kinds of facilities, and above all ! Its CLEAN ! and the Beds are hotel standard, i really really recomend going there, Il be back for sure

Hostel the Globe Center

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Really well located hostel, in the middle of the Red Light District and just a few step away from the Central Station, Handy staff for whatever you need located near a Canal wich makes everything more interesting, not really that clean though, the room was ok, but the bathroom is badly designed and everytime someone takes a bath it floods wich is a pain for the next person, kinda expensive compared to other hostels world wide, has decent facilities

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

Really good hostel, maybe the best you can get in Brussels, it is Hotel standard, go for it, you wont regreat ! I know where ill stay next time im in Belgium ;)


From all the hostels i have been The Dictionary was the worse, The Staff and Location were ok, not many complaints, but there was no security at all, the atmosphere was just bad, they were under construction aparently and by 7AM the drills and Hammers started to make sooo much noise, you were forced to leave the hostel, not even talking about cleanliness, the place was overall dirty ! the roons were a mess and the bathroom, DISCUSTING, all of this without a discount,bad breakfast, not returning!