Reviews: Anonymous


The place was comfortable, it has computer room, a big kitchen and a "relax room" with sofas and armchairs. The staff is friendly and very competent, the cleaning was good, except for the kitchen, which we found a little bit dirty and the place is situated next to the city centre. However the toilets and the showers are a little bit small, and the rooms hadn't chairs or tables, but only a little wardrobe. We spent a good time in there. Recommended.

Paseo Bonanova - Sarria

Barcelona, Spain

The staff told us that this place was unavailable, but they provided to give us a room in another place for the same price. The other place was very good, even if the other guests were very impolite and rude.

Apartament Rambla Poble Nou

Barcelona, Spain

The staff was friendly, but they can't speak English, so we had some difficulties in understanding Spanish, even if we're Italians. The place was cosy, beds were confortable and kitchen was clean. However the staff didn't clean the place in time for our arrival, but when we arrived, the staff cleaned the place very accurately. The walls were a little bit dirty and there was only one bathroom, but the price was good and the place is quiet and near to the city centre.