Reviews: Anonymous

Clown and Bard

Prague, Czech Republic

Simply it's one of the best hostels I've ever been to. Cool place, chilly ambience, nice people all around, perfect place for meeting other travellers. Also cool kitchen and amazing bar and terrace. Beds are quite old, but still not uncomfortable. And the best thing, the staff. Joana and Camilo were amazing, so so nice and welcoming even if they were busy as hell. Only problem, a bit far from the center, but with tram it's really easy to get there, two stops from the center, so it's ok.

Alibi Hostel

Vienna, Austria

Good hostel. 3 person bedrooms, comfortable beds, good facilities kitchen and so, nice staff. Bit far from the center, but not that much. Close to public transport. Worth the money!

Students Residence

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Nice hostel, perfectly in between Metelkova and the center. Surrouned by cool fast food places. Nice staff, nice bedrooms, you will probably share the room only with one person, even if you book a 6 bed bedroom since the hostel is separated in appartments, and in each appartment 3 double bedrooms. Enjoy.

Hostel & Apartments Zdrava Hrana

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Perfect place. So cheap, very close to the center, nice room, even if a bit cluastrophobic. No facilities, but it's enough. We had a room only for us, The owner was so friendly and nice. We went for one night, we decided to stay two. Really worthy, if you are not looking for a high level hostel, this is enough.

Hostel Ljubicica

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Looks as if a bomb had fallen on it one week ago... And we love it! Perfect hostel if you are young and don't really need a modern place. Nice staff, comfortable place, just go there an enjoy it.