Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel de Passage

Bruges, Belgium

Passage was a great little Hostel in Brugge which was incredibly well taken care of and could pass a hotel if it wasn't for the shared restrooms. The property was freshly painted and spruced up and the owner, Coco, was very friendly and helpful. The 3 bed unit facing the street is the only one with a balcony overseeing the street, so I would try to reserve that one! I would stay here again.

Gandalf Passenger Ship

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Gandalf was a charming floating hotel in central Amsterdam. It was clean, the view and location were both incredible. The rooms are quite compact since you're staying on a boat - don't stay here if you're claustrophobic. However, if you don't have that issue, then you'll enjoy a great view of Amsterdam from the water and an inviting top deck- great for a beer or two. If I'm ever back in Amsterdam, I will try ti stay here - IF the Gandalf is docked for the season!