Reviews: Anonymous

Abrahams Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

I had a wonderful time staying 3 nights at the Abraham house. I stayed in the Orange House in room 50. Besides the fact I had to walk through approximately 8 doors to get there.... haha I was absolutely great as a hostel! I felt very safe and met some friends! The only thing I wish I had was internet access in my room!

Sir Toby's Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Sir Toby's was the best. I stayed one night for only 5 euros. So I wasn't really expecting much seeing as it was so cheap. But the staff was extremely friendly and super helpful. The atmosphere of the entire place is inviting. The pub/lounge downstairs is practically perfect. I met so many great people at this hostel and nothing since has quite compared to my experience there. It is across the river and not so fun to walk to but there is public transportation!