Reviews: Anonymous

Barra Guest Hostel

Salvador, Brazil

I couldn't ask for more from a hostel. Wonderful space, people, staff, breakfast, caiparinhas and location. I wish I had stayed there for more of my trip.

Art Hole Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

This hostel was everything I wished all my other hostels were. Pub crawl crowd not dominant. Actually centrally located. Clean. Social. Solid breakfast. Friendly people of all sorts. Stay here.


In every way this corporate chain hostel appeared to be the set of The Real World. Everyone was extremely conventionally attractive. The whole place had been designed at a corporate headquarters where everyone in the interior design office wore trendy business casual. There were kittens, which were adorable. Don't go here unless you have deep pockets, no want to plan for yourself, and genuine interest in being around attractive people. The beds are cheap, but they charge for every little thing.

Chambers of the Boheme

Istanbul, Turkey

Everything you could want in a hostel. Close to all transportation, although to be honest I walked everywhere I went. The windy lanes by the hostel are beautiful to most down and find a nice cafe or museum and the main tourist stuff is walkable too. It was easy to find, safe to return to at night, and everyone there staff and guests included were good people.