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Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

샤워, 욕실 관련된 시설이 다소 열악한 걸 제외하면 무난한 호스텔입니다. 샤워실 안에서 옷을 벗으면 물에 젖기 딱 좋아요. 소피아 성당이랑 술탄 아흐메트 모스크에서는 가까운데, 그 외 나머지 지역들은 트램역까지 좀 걸어야 해서 교통이 썩 좋진 않습니다.

Istanbul Harmony Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

시설이 너무 열악해요. 콘센트 꼽는 곳도 마땅치 않고, 이스탄불에 머물렀던 네 군데 숙소 중에서 아침도 제일 허접해요. 유독 방문을 안 닫고 다니는 사람들이 많아서 복도 소리가 다 들렸고, 확실하지는 않지만 스태프랑 같은 방 쓴 거 같아요.

Second Home Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

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Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

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Living Lounge Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

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Yes! Porto Hostel

Porto, Portugal

It was great. I strongly recommand this hostel.

Hostel Lodi

Rome, Italy

일부러 한국어로 남깁니다. 위치 : 3일권 끊어서 그나마 망정이지, 지하철 역에서도 멀고 버스도 잘 다니지 않아요. 친절도 : 알리라고 하는 매니저가 엄청 친절하긴 한데 가브리엘이라고 개떡같은 스태프가 존재해요. 욕실에서 씻는 도중에 스태프들끼리 저에 대해서 수군거려ㅆ고, 2층 침대가 상태가 나빠서 1층으로 바꿔달라고 이야기 해ㅆ는데 기분 나쁘게 거절하더라고요. 시설 : 방음이 안됩니다. 도미토리 써ㅆ는데 바깥에서 하는 이야기가 다 들려요. 2층 침대에는 안경 놓을 선반 하나 없고요. 와이파이는 속 터지게 안 잡힙니다. 가격 및 기타 : 저는 원래 ensuite인 4인 도미토리를 예약해ㅆ는데 멋대로 방을 바꾸어ㅆ더라고요. 그런데 가격은 고스란히 다 받으려고 하길래 항의해ㅆ더니 한 스태프는 나몰라라 하고, 알리라는 매니저가 가격을 깎아주긴 해ㅆ으나 그럼에도 불구하고 전반적인 시설이나 만족도에 비하면 비싼 편이어ㅆ습니다.

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

I think this hostel is good, but it is a little bit expensive. Although I stayed in a 8-dorm-room, it's price was higher than that of other hostels I have stayed.


It was a good experience to stay Wombats - The Lounge in Wien. Just one thing inconvenience is that there is no soap and hanger in shower room. Except that, everything was perfect.

Goat Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Because of the building construction, I was lost for a while when I found this place. Many Koreans stayed here. All things are fair, but the wooden floor was too old, making some noise. Steve is very kind, considerate, and thoughtful. Thanks to him, I enjoyed staying in Budapest. However, if I visit Budapest again, I won't stay at Goat hostel for cleanliness and facilities.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

I'm not sure, but it was too noisy because of Octoberfest. Some girls spoke loudly even after midnight. Wifi was OK, sometimes out of oder. I had known that room price was expensive;however, I think it is not a good choice for non alchoholics like me to stay at any hostels in Munich during Octoberfest.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cathy was one of the best crews in the hostels which I have been to. She made me relax and we had a good time. The facilities were not good, and security and location was terrible because of Red Light District. I love Amsterdam, the city of Van Gogh; howerver, If I have a chance to visit Amsterdam again, I will not stay at any hostel in Red Light District.

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Next time, maybe try our other hostel, in the quieter Jordaan disctrict :)

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

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YHA London Central

London, England

All was excellent except location. Location was good, but I think it is a little bit far from main streets of London.