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Maverick City Lodge

Budapest, Hungary

This was for sure the best hostel I've ever stayed. My partner and I got a private ensuite room which was amazing, for only 15 euros on Saturday and 10 euros on Sunday. The staff is incredibly attentive and ready to help you.

Green Studio Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

We were 4 but booked a private room for 7. Even though it was cheap: 7 euros p/night p/person. The beds were not comfortable (too used), but we could sleep well. It seemed not that clean (my friend found a scratched paper under her pillow). We had problems with hot water both days (those first having shower could get hot water but not the next ones). The kitchen was nice! The Internet doesnt work inside rooms and is INCREDIBLY slow in commom areas. Nice thing they wash your clothes for free. :D

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

That was one of the best hostels I've stayed so far. I paid 6,50 euros for one night in a 8-bed dorm. With a plus 3 euros, I could have breakfast & dinner at the hostel. Breakfast was excellent (bread, cheese, juice, waffles, fruit and a lot more. Dinner was delicious also (rice and beans / spaghetti). The staff was incredibly nice and attentive!

Apartments Arbanasic

Hvar, Croatia

We paid only 300 Kunas (40 euros) for a room for 3 people (13 euros per person). There were a fridge with a small kitchen, and a big toilet + shower and a balcony. The room was furnished with 3 comfy beds, TV, guardrobe and air conditioning (which you can use for an amount of 50 Kunas extras - 6,75 euros). It was a safe and clean place. The only problem was its location. It`s on the top of the hill and we got lost for almost 1 hour walking through and around the city til we could find it.

Hyde Park Hostel

London, England

Security: My friend had his iphone stolen on the last night while he was sleeping. He had left it charging on the plug beside his bed and as he woke up there was just the charger but no phone. The hostel doesnt provide lockers in the room, so everybody leaves their stuff under and on the beds, which proved to be very unsafe! Moreover, anybody can enter the hostel even if they are not there, once the main door is always unlocked. The staff is definetely not friendly, sometimes even rude.

Hostel California

Milan, Italy

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