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Old Centre Hostel

Alicante, Spain

The place was extremely clean and they have many rules about maintaining it that way. It's definitely worth the money but not for ppl looking to party or a common hostel experience. It's in a residential building so you can't be loud but it is nice and a block from the beach! Loved staying here- staff was super friendly and helpful. Will definitely stay here again! (Very close to bus station, too)


Stockholm, Sweden

One of the girls at the front desk was racist- I'm not black but I didn't appreciate such ignorant and mean behavior. There were no windows but I thought that was best since in the summer months the sun is basically always out. The showers were awesome but the atmosphere I didn't like; it was quite expensive and I think it would've been better had I stayed at the hostel at the bottom of the hill which just scram out nicer. I think if you're gonna pay more- pay it somewhere closer and nicer.


As a female 22 year old traveler( by myself) I was so nervous to book it bc of all the bad reviews...well I booked it bc of the cheap price but i 100% recommend you pay a little more to be at a nicer place. There was a rat that literally passed by the lobby just casually chilling... And the bed was awful! Wifi was good but there is no reception after a certain time and anyone could come in. If going to Berlin, book ahead of time and get a better hostel!

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Dear nervous traveler, thank you for fighting your fears and writing this review but it has to be said that there's no reception after midnight and the people entering the hostel were guests... Also we do not have rats, just bad guests.

Arpacay Backpackers Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

I LOVEDDDD IT!!! They made me fall in love w Prague! The hike up the hill was not bad at all!- suck it up! :P the only thing bad I can say is that I paid 7 euros to get my laundry done and my clothes did not come back so well :/ definitely worth staying in and will most certainly come back and stay if I come to Prague again :)

Hotel Pensione Ottaviani

Florence, Italy

This is the first time I write a review; I'm currently doing a euro trip by myself and have come across very nice hostels for a cheaper price. This one is seriously sad to enter- the people don't really speak English and it was super hot in the rooms! Although liveable I'm 100% sure you can find a better hostel in Florence.