Reviews: Anonymous

Four Courts Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

I basically loved everything, the one thing that was impossible was the kitchen at night because not all people washes or clean what they use is sad, cuz no one should clean up your mess. One other thing bump beds make lots of noice if u move a centimeter is not cool when u have to share the room u feel terrible to make lots of noice just to get off bed, I have stayed in hoter hostals and wooded beds are way better :)

Amber Lodge B&B

Galway, Ireland

Everything was great, jist one thing in regards of the shower...water was not entirely hot :/ The rest was great!

Portree Hostel - Waterford City

Waterford, Ireland

It was lovely!

Hotel Artua'&Solferino

Turin, Italy

The bed was old, I once place my knee on the bed and something popped and knee, the wood on the floor cracks a lot u can hear it from the other rooms too.

Maison de Alexandre

Rome, Italy

I loved the atmosphere, location is pefrect, I cant wait to go back :) Marco gives such a great advices :)

Hotel San Giorgio

Naples, Italy

My stay was fast just one night. I just had a hard time finding it and it was late and dark and the sign is not that visible, local people didnt know the street, the surroundings are not nice...

San Geremia Rooms

Venice, Italy

I really enjoyed my stay, it was great! I'll just say Wifi signal was not strong i had to get out of the room and stay in the hall, but just that

Astor Queensway

London, England

If there is something beyond excellent for the staff ot would be that. Scott specially is really kind and gives u a great welcome :)

Oliver St. John Gogarty

Dublin, Ireland

The only thing I would change is the entry so difficult to opem if u have lugagge plus your back pack, but that's that Cleanliness was perfect!! :)

Kinlay Eyre Square Hostel

Galway, Ireland

Beyond expextations! 100% It made my stayed there even better