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SoBe Hostel & Bar

Miami, USA

If you're looking for a quiet, clean hostel this is not the place for you. We came here purely to party and be close to the beach and if that's what you want than this will not disappoint!! The hostel puts on great, reasonable nights out to all the local clubs and bars 7 days a week which all include an hour of free drinks before you go out which is always good! The rooms are terribly small and the showers are well mouldy so bring flip flops! But if you get over the small things it's awesome!

The Drunken Monkey Hostel

Zadar, Croatia

One of my top hostels ever! We were lucky enough to stay here for 4 nights and it was such a lovely relaxing experience. The hostel is a 5 minute walk from the beach and a 20 minute walk into the old town (which is a pleasant walk along the sea). Staff are super friendly and organise barcrawls when the demand is high enough which was a fun experience with many free drinks at the start and tokens for smoothies after. Bathrooms are awesome and there's aircon! Literally cant wait to stay again!

The Brit Hostel Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

This hostel is slightly further out from the main square, instead located in the British square so everywhere is a bit of a walk. However, the british square is lovely and you can find cheap, good food there. The hostel arranges trips almost everyday to Plitvice, which is a must see, and these trips are much better than faffing around with public transport. Staff were sometimes difficult to locate but were helpful enough, they do your laundry for you!! I would stay here again.

Central Backpack King

Budapest, Hungary

LOVE LOVE LOVE CBK you simply have to stay here in Budapest. It isn't one of the outrageous party hostels but you will have such a good time. It's so easy to meet like-minded travellers and we made friends for life here. The whole place feels like home and the staff are so friendly and can organise tickets for, what seemed like, almost everything which enabled us to jump the queues at the baths! Prime location near all the ruin bars and eateries, I can't wait to stay here again!


We stayed for 3 nights in Vienna which, from my point of view ways way too long. The hostel was nice enough and the specific key system meant that everything was safe and secure. The hostel bar is good and is open till late and everything seems clean. The prices were a bit too high for where is was but being by the Naschmarkt meant food was cheap. We got woken up at 3am when we had to get up early for a train, but that was the fault of our ignorant roomates rather than the hostel.

Hostel HOMEr

Prague, Czech Republic

Literally cannot rate this hostel highly enough. If your up for a party crazy time in Prague, this is the place. The atmosphere is great, with a large social area to meet everyone on your floor, plus you are in the heart of Prague by the old square so everything is within walking distance. However, if you're more of a quiet person he hostel is exceptionally clean with lovely bathrooms and staff enforce a curfew so you wont be disturbed by crazy party goers like ourselves! LOVE HOSTEL HOMEr!


This is more of a hotel than a hostel so I would expect it is hard to socialise if you're a lone traveller. That is the only negative point though! The rooms are lovely and cosy with the bathrooms being kept up to very high standards. It is a bit of a walk to the main attractions like the Berlin wall and Checkpoint Charlie but the Reichstag is 5 minutes away with the biggest station in Berlin right next door in order to connect you to any part of the city. I'd definitely stay here again!

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This was definitely the dirtiest hostel we stayed in on our Eurotrip. Despite the fact cleaners gave all the rooms a once over every day the place just seemed to accumulate dirt. It was also unbearably hot in the middle of August so if you're one in need of air con I definitely wouldn't recommend here. However, you only need your room to pass out in anyway so neither point mattered. The hostel is in a prime location, the bar is good and they can arrange tickets to attractions for you.


I really didn't like Paris but this had nothing to do with the hostel. Staff were super friendly and tried their best to help us enjoy Paris and the area the hostel was in was actually my favourite part of Paris as it was quite edgy. The only bad thing I can say about this hostel is that it had a bit of a funny smell, kind of like dampness, circulating constantly. However, none of Paris seemed to smell nice anyway so we got used to it in the end.


This is a lovely hostel overall! It is really expensive when you look at it but you won't find anywhere in Bern cheaper unfortunately. The beds are really comfy and showers are good - pretty powerful actually! The staff were really helpful and the information on the walls can basically plan your stay, don't miss the river!!! Most backpackers we met didn't eat out due to high prices (even a McDonald's meal was over €10) but the kitchen is extremely well equipped so making your own food is easy!

Scream House

Milan, Italy

Really good hostel near the train station. It is about a 20 minute walk away from the main sights which was easy enough - we never used the metro once. Staff were all friendly and helpful with free maps and advice. The deal that goes on with the restaurant across the road is not to be missed out on. For 5 euros you can get enough food to seriously fill you up and the free breakfast sets you up nicely for the morning. I would definitely choose this place to stay when visiting Rome again.

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

Hostel is in a great location!! Easy walking distance to all major sites in Rome, we didn't need to use the metro once. Staff were super friendly when answering our many question too. Remember to bring a padlock for lockers, not sure if this was stated or not because most of our roommates didn't seem to have a lock! Breakfast is simple but still good seen as it's free and the deal they do on a night with the same restaurant is really good we were SO full for only €5! Thankyou for having us!!

Amsterdam Hostel

San Francisco, USA

The worst place we stayed in California. Maybe it's because the other hostels set the bar too high but we got overcharged for our first night because the staff obviously do not have the ability to document things or communicate... The location is okay, the hostel is on a really big hill though!! There's no events or nights out run by the hostel, all I can say really is it's 'average'.

Surf City Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

Absolutely loved this place!! Really wish we'd stayed longer than 2 nights :( Prime location, Hermosa beach is incredible and the staff were so welcoming and friendly plus you're always bound to find a party in the common room on a night :D:D