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Chillaos You Hostel

Vang Vieng, Laos

Tidy up the bedbug problem, fix the broken lockers and provide enough for everyone staying in a room, unvlock the toilets as quickly as possible, train staff on sights to se around the town so she can help people staying at hostel, if room has no aircon make sure mosquitoes cant get in and room can be aired. Average as hostel! Defs wont recommend to anyone!


The bed i slept in was insanely creeky. I think it had a sheet of thin plywood under the mattres. Even the slightest movement woukd wake up the hole room. Apart from that great hostel:) nice n tidy and friendly staff :)


Great hostel to stay in, very very very friendly and staff :) comfortable beds and nice bathrooms. The free beer tastes a bit to much like vinegar for my liking but hey its free so who cares.

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

nice hostel, good location, easy to use

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Hi Adam, Thanks for your review! Great to hear you've had a fantastic time in Amsterdam and at our hotel! See you soon? Greetings, Hans Brinker

Hostel de Mafkees

Rotterdam, Netherlands

good hostel, friendly happy staff :)

Smart Place Gare du Nord

Paris, France

man at reception was less pretty average at his job,

Hostel Centre

Prague, Czech Republic

nice hostel, easy to use

Labyrinth Hostel Vienna

Vienna, Austria

air conditioning remote??

Pozitiv Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

was a lovely stay, enjoyed the two nights :0

Dubrovnik Villa Valjalo

Dubrovnik, Croatia

the wifi was horrible, hardly ever get reception, the one bathroom for 20 people was less than ideal, the bathroom was continuously wet, not enough power points, the owner was a grumpy old man,

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just what I expected from you. Sorry mate but we do not cutter for those pleasures as I told you if you did not abide by the rules you can leave the premises there and then! But of course you did not leave but now you use this option to get back at me. Thank you, no bad feeling, just because of your age!


average staff.