Reviews: Anonymous

HomePlus Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I really liked this hostel. The location was good and the staff were very friendly and helpful. They all knew what it was like to come to Budapest. The only downfall is a severe lack of showers and toilets. However, the atmosphere is really nice and the dinner was really good. The scottish guy and the mexican girl make you feel really welcome. Overall, two thumbs up.

Hostel Mostel

Sofia, Bulgaria

This hostel is fantastic. Although from the outside it looks dodgy, the staff are so nice and friendly and the atmosphere is so relaxed. Honestly, one of the best hostels I have ever stayed in. The breakfast was also really good. The bedding is a bit old fashioned but that contributes to the charm of the place. Mostly, the staff really make this place and you always feel like that they are trying to get the best for you. I would HIGHLY recommend it. You won't regret it.


I made so many friends at this hostel which was due to the great way in which the bar is laid out. It is really easy to meet people. The staff were fantastic. The assistant manager was really helpful. The bar manager was really good at anticipating peoples needs and very friendly. The room I wwas in could use an upgrade. However, apparently they are in the process of doing so. Overall, had a good experience at this hostel.

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This hostel was so well run. The facilities are kept at such a high standard. Our beds were made every day. The bar was always pumping and the location was very good as it was so central. Breakfadt was good and the night staff were very good. I would highly recommend this hostel.

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

This hostel was pretty good. However, it is a bit out of the way. It takes about 45 mins to walk into the city. But it was nice and clean and quite spacious. Good atmosphere and a really big communal area. Really good idea to have recommendations on the walls in the communal area. All in all, was quite pleased with my stay.

Woodah Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

This hostel was great in regards to location and the atmosphere was great. However, this design and style of the hostel was not for me. The beds were complicated to get into and the facilities need to be updated. The walls were loose and the steps to get into the bed were not aligned properly which makes it dangerous to get in and out of bed. Security could also be better as the lockers were just boxes under the beds.

Grand Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

This hostel really lacked atmosphere and the breakfast is quite expensive. However, the beds were quite comfortable and it was a lovely rouch to have a little welcome card on the pillow. Overall, prettty good hostel

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

This hostel was very good. The rooms were very spacious and the bar was really well set up. The staff were not that friendly at first but as each day progressed, they were nicer and nicer. Really enjoyed my time here


This hostel needs an upgrade. There is powerpoint in the room and the downstairs lobby area is limited for powerpoints as well. However, the terrace is great idea. Also it is quite far away from the centre. However, the beds were quite clean and the staff were very nice.

Geneva Hostel

Geneva, Switzerland

This hostel was very large. I met some great people here but that's because I was lucky because there is not much of an atmosphere to meet people. It is clean but really is treated as a place to sleep and eat breakfast. The breakfast was pretty good value I thought. And the free transport card is very handy. Good safe hostel

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

The facilities and location of this hostel are really good. It is a great idea to give you a watch as your key to both your room and locker. Means that you won't lose it. However, even though dinner is "optional", I felt it was more of a forceful encouragement rather than a choice. The staff are pretty rude about the dinner as I was made to feel uncomfortable for going outside for dinner. Also the pub crawl is very expensive for what you get. Overall, certainly not my favourite hostel.


Very relaxed vibe. Breakfast was good in the morning but the staff were a bit dazed most of the time which therefore made them unhelpful. Seemed quite clean most of the time . Kitchen is very crowded at breakfast in the morning. Location was very good. Pub crawl and walking tour run through the hostel very good.

Urbany Hostel BCN GO!

Barcelona, Spain

Great facilities as it is quite new and thus, everything is very modern. The lockers are awesome as they are very spacious & open with your entry card. But they need to make some improvements. Firstly, the manager has a careless attitude and this is reflected in the staff's attitudes except for a certain few. You don't get a hospitable vibe in this hostel. After they take your money, there is no effort. Location is awesome but directions to hostel are not great. Pub crawl is badly organised.

Funny Palace Hostel

Rome, Italy

Location is great in regard to train station but not close walking distant wise. Breakfast is included at a cafe but very minimal is given for breakfast. Very clean hostel and room was quite spacious. Safe's are fantastic. Never had to worry about my stuff. Not able to meet people as there is no communal area. Electricity blew due to dodgy power board, 1 per room. Hostel was okay.

Scream House

Milan, Italy

This hostel has no lockers and thus had to put my stuff behind the desk but the key remained in the locker. Location is quite far from the centre and got lost about 2 blocks from the hostel which was super dodgy. Quite expensive and the rooms were very small and cramped. Felt very unsafe here.

Charles Bridge Economic Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

THIS IS THE BEST HOSTEL I HAVE STAYED IN. The staff were incredible and REALLY looked after everyone. The terrace is great. They give you free handmade coffees, bottles of water, printing, they lend you travel books. Really really awesome. Such a welcoming atmosphere and everything you want in a hostel. The terrace is great for sitting and swapping stories. Keep going guys as you are very good at what you do§§§

Budapest Bubble

Budapest, Hungary

It felt so homey here. The staff were wonderful! Very helpful and kind hearted. Easily the best staff experience so far. Seemed quite clean. Overall, good hostel.