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I really liked this place. Very social, clean and easy to find in a good location. I'd stay here again.

Cooking House M

Seoul, South Korea

The Hostel was nice enough and very close to the metro line and a 15-minute walk to Hongdae where everything is. It only had 2 bathrooms, however. There were at least 30 people staying there. The staff was very confused about our reservation and the problem continued for days. The included breakfast is toast. Usually there was no one around if you needed any assistance. Overall, I would not stay there again.

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if you don't like this house while you stayed, we are sorry about it. but only 13 ppl stayed on 21th sep. we feel bad at your exaggeration. what's more, there was no one like you just one day stay and saying like you before.

Youth Hostel Anna

Santorini, Greece

I was only here for one night but everyone at the desk was very helpful and accommodating. The people there were all around 20-27 so it was a great place to meet people if you're traveling alone which I was at the time. The rooms are very clean and it's a 5 minute walk to Perissa Beach, which is absolutely beautiful. It's also close to many many restaurants so you don't have to travel around for food. I would definitely stay here again.


Syros, Greece

It was a very cute place. The owners were friendly and helpful. It is located right next to the beach, but it is pretty far from Ermoupolis. If you want to get into town you'll have to take a 20-30 minutes bus ride into town. Reception is not open early so that my be something to keep in mind. If you're looking for a quit place close to the beach then it would be a nice option.

Deeps Hostel

Ankara, Turkey

I stayed here for 2 nights and thought it was pleasant enough. It is not a place where you're going to meet people. The rooms are quite separated and the common areas a small. The location was okay. It is not walking distance from the things you will want to see in Ankara. I will say that the rooms are cute and clean and it was a lot more than I expected from a hostel. The staff were helpful but not friendly.