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Kipps Hostel Canterbury

Canterbury, England

It was an amazing hostel. The people there were so nice. I would go back.

YHA Salisbury

Salisbury, England

There were so many screaming kids there. It was OK for a 2 night stay.


Cardiff, Wales

For one thing there were to many drunks in the area for my liking. Also my room was 2 floors above the bar and I could hear them sing every night.

Safestay York

York, England

No customer comment

Cowgate Tourist Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

My biggest problem that I had there was the lack of security. There were now lorker to lock up your stuff and the door to my room didn't lock. Also my bed was broken. There was a nasty smell in the room too. Over all I'm never going back to that place.

Owner Comment (Hide)
We do not advertise that we do have lockers and you are correct to say that we do not have them. There is a possibility to put the doors on the latch and lock again as people please, but all doors do lock. You did not report any broken bed and I am sorry if your room had a smell.

Belfast International Youth Hostel

Belfast, Northern Ireland

It was hard to get a WiFi signal. the beds were nasty and during the day the room was so hot and at night the room was freezing. Also the lights didn't work in the showers. Over all its OK.