Reviews: MadScience

Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 38

Argo Hostel Rhodes

Rhodes, Greece

Can't really review the hostel because it was closing down for the seasons end, but i was put up 2 minutes down the road in the owners other apartment hotel. Had my own private apartment for a few days. can't complain. Double bed, TV, kitchenette, private bathroom. all for the hostel price. Owner was very nice and i was very happy here.

Youth Hostel Plakias

Crete, Greece

i stayed here for 21 days and still found it hard to leave. It's perfect. when i die and if there is such thing as an after life, this hostel would be where i would spend a few centuries at least. Relax in hammocks and read a book with a beer by your side. Everyone is so friendly and invitations to join in or not join in are there every day. enjoy life at your own pace and feel at home. The hostel has a friendly, trusting, peaceful vibe that slows down time. Loved this hostel.

Rethymno Youth Hostel

Crete, Greece

Had a great time here. made many friends and stayed for way longer than i originally planned. felt at home and very comfortable. Sasa... You made me a promise... Make sure you get propper rest!! you work to hard! loved it here. well worth a visit!


Santorini, Greece

This place is wonderful. Had a perfect time here. It's beautiful. it's quiet. it has great atmosphere. it is a slice of heaven. i WILL return! The 4 dogs who guard the place are wonderful friendly little guys, I miss Goofy, his ears are so soft. i hope his foot is all better now.

Youth Hostel Anna

Santorini, Greece

Nice little hostel with access to the beach and many bars. Clean and well priced its the perfect hostel for the budget traveler to Santorini. Although the people who stay here are usually 18 to 22, so if you are seeking a more grown up crowd i would suggest one of the other hostels on the island.

Zorbas Hotel

Athens, Greece

Great little hostel. Good staff, clean and over all exactly what you expect. If i return to Athens i will check here first. The Bar is never open though :(


Athens, Greece

I stayed in a private room which is on the 5th floor So you will need to hoof it up 5 storeys each day. The hostel has zero atmos so if you want to meet people...tough. Its very central and right near the best parts of Athens including the flee market which is great at night. They boast about a terrace view of the acropolis but you are not allowed up there, so that boast is a lie. My room was infested with ants and the room was SWEATING HOT!! A/C worthless and smelled like stinky feet when on.


This is a typical Youth Hostel, its pretty much what you expect. Even though the place was run down and the facilities a little on the lived in side, i found my self to be very comfortable here. The people who worked here where very nice and i felt part of the family from my first night there. The Australian Girl was awesome. There is a bar and socializing was pretty easy. Brindisi is actually a very nice town and the best way across to Greece via ferry. would return.

Naples Pizza Hostel

Naples, Italy

Good, But. Well located, the building and facilities are adequate. I was in a double private witha mezzanine and found it comfortable, except the windy staircase which is impossible to use if you are larger than a child. need crash helmet. I just never felt comfortable here, The 2 guys who ran the place just treated me like i was not really very welcome. strange looks. The cleaning lady would start at 7am and shout for hours as she worked. The common room was noisy until 4am, so not much sleep

Prima Base Hostel

Rome, Italy

I found Prima Base to be a good enough hostel, the staff where polite and helpful even though the English spoken was limited. There is very limited atmosphere here so meeting people is not likely. The distance from Rome was not an issue, 10 min walk to the metro and then 15 min by train direct to Termini. If you are a backpacker then this is nothing. I can't understand the negative reviews given for this issue. Overall Cheap and typical Hostel that does the job. Would stay again.