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I don't understand how this hostel can be Lonely Planet's top recommendation! The area is really boring (residential area). There is a short walk to the sea but it is no fun because it is always humid and cold there. We stayed at this hostel for 3 nights: one night upon arrival: our (twin) room was ok but very humid. at the end of our trip we got another room that was HALF the size of the first room (about 6 square meters): it was like a prison cell, very poor light and smalll windows

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I dont understand dear Lady Why you come back to the hostel if this was so terrible , if you dont know Lima at this time of the year is 99% humid and all peruvians we almost breath water. I f you come back is because you liked the hostel the first time, why you changed your mind just for one room and you forgot mentions all the help that the employees provide you and the other lady all the time.. anyway I think you're come back again to Family House!

Supertramp Hostel

Machu Picchu, Peru

the atmosphere was nice: the staff very helpful (eg offered the opportunity to have a shower even after we had checked out of the hostel), free tea and coffee. It was nice that the breakfast was available from 4.30 (this is when people wanted to have breakfast before taking the first bus to Machu Picchu). room for improvement: out of 3 toilets, in 2 toilets the flush did not work.