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Helvetia Hostel

Hvar, Croatia

I hope this is just my experience...... I stayed there for two nights but first night the guy stay on the top of my bunk bed brought in a girl..... An I know what will happen........... And it happened again in the second night I couldn't stand it and told home I just need a good sleep. I am not sure if this is the responsibility of the hostel and there isn't any rules forbidden such behavior but I guess "Respect Others" speaks everything!!!! I am really disappointed!

Design Hostel Goli&Bosi

Split, Croatia

Blood stain was found on my sheet A capsule hostel with no common area or simple cooking utensils

Hostel Temza

Zagreb, Croatia

No customer comment

Urban Nomad Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Best host ever!!!!!

Hostel above club Madrid

Kosice, Slovakia

Only choice in Kosice

Target Hostel

Zakopane, Poland

No customer comment

Roller Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Super friendly and helpful staff =)

Chillout Hostel

Warsaw, Poland

Beware the partying weekend along street if you are looking for some good sleep

Come to Vilnius Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

This is one of the most comfortable hostel I ever stayed at! Thou a bit pricy but I it worths to pay!

Central Hostel Riga

Riga, Latvia

It takes at least 15 mins from the bus station even without my heavy backpack, it is not as said 5 mins walk!!!!!!!!!! And also 20 mins from old town. That's a bit untrue in the description The area is a bit quite noisy at night but it is close to a busy street that's why.......

Hommiku Hostel

Parnu, Estonia

No customer comment

GIDIC Backpackers

Tallinn, Estonia

No customer comment

The Monk's Bunk

Tallinn, Estonia

The is definitely a "partying" hostel!!!!!!! One of the noisiest hostel I ever stayed at. If you are looking for some good rest maybe ths is not your choice. They should have more sockets or extension cord for charging our electrical devices!!!!!!!

BroadSky Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

The free breakfast is absolutely a highlight!!!!! Recommended!!!!!!

Belka Hostel

Listvyanka, Russia

No customer comment


Irkutsk, Russia

Excellent host friendly, helpful and very kind!