Reviews: Anonymous


they provided dinner and breakfast which were amazing, i also arrived late like ridiculously late and they were still good for me coming in, i also met some really nice people. only gripe is that its like at a last stop of subway line and a fifteen minute walk from the station otherwise it great

Hotel Platzhirsch

Zurich, Switzerland

it was truthfully simply a hotel that was kind of expensive because it was in Zurich the staff was very helpful, but aside from the initial desk and checkout i wasn't there long enough to really notice anything

2A Hostel

Berlin, Germany

the staff was excellent in that i had a lot of confusion and they could work around that. the washer and dryer set in the basement needs to be replaced (it was inefficient and lengthy), location next to train station was great however since i cant speak any german the various multicultural take outs places around were a bit beyond my ability to eat at. i have to admit i only really talked to a couple people so meh for atmosphere