Reviews: Anonymous

Perfect Hostel

Paris, France

This hostel was a good place to stay, but just isn't as friendly as others. Because it's also a hotel, there is a more formal atmosphere than if it was just a hostel. The location is great, right near Montmartre.

Young & Happy

Paris, France

We can really only say good things about staying here. We had heard complaints about bathroom cleanliness before getting there, but the 8 person mixed dorm we stayed in had a clean bathroom. Our favorite part was the friendly atmosphere downstairs where it was easy to meet and talk to people.

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

As the first hostel we'd ever stayed in, Van Gogh was very nice. We weren't sure what to expect, and really liked the hostel. There was never any question of the security of our stuff, although it could have been the room and other travelers we stayed with. The only unexpected component was the sign outside said "hotel" rather than "hostel."