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Amstel House Hostel

Berlin, Germany

It was ok pretty clean nice hostel just made me almost miss a flight because the guy at reception was on the phone and the guys at the bar directed me to someone out side and he said wait at reception... All to get my bags out of the bag room

Mosaic House

Prague, Czech Republic

Not too social apart from the pub crawls but really clean and really nice rooms super commercial hostel but it works also the dj sucks mixing with iPod headphones are you serious who is paying that guy he's was rubbish. Would've spent more at the bar if the music was something other than pink and Katy perry


Really nice building and super nice staff and amazing location only thing was that it wasn't that social

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Thanks for your review! Don't worry about the" social" part of your stay. At Johnies Place guests can choose to socialize or to be more quiet and reserved. All the persons are free to have different moods is different moments of life. Thanks for staying here!!

Feel Hostels Soho Malaga

Malaga, Spain

Awesome hostel the girl at reception is really rude and more than once waited ages for her to even look up at you.. The guys are really chill though one of them looks like zedd and if you stay make sure you get room 27!! Youl see why. I just wish I stayed another night to party with the American uni girls! anyway 👍

Granada Inn Backpackers

Granada, Spain

Awesome hostel the staff are super fun and it's in a really good spot in granada 100%

Red Nest Hostel Valencia

Valencia, Spain

So good love this place the guy that works in the bar is the best he's a baller

Be Mar Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Pretty good hostel in a really good location just heaps of kids when I was there which sucked btw I'm 21 talking like 50, 16 year old English kids but the hostel can't help that would book again


Pretty good place lacked atmosphere but was pretty empty when I was there the staff are really nice and helpful wasn't too keen on the 3 level bunk bed though!!

Generator Hostel Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Nice place staff were abit rude on occasions making me wait in line for 20min just to fix my key card that stopped working twice and not that much of a hostel vibe so kinda hard to meet people but everything else was good:)

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pretty nice right next to the tram stop and it has beds in the rooms which is always good

The Bulldog

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Everything was good other than the rude staff and the one guy who was obviously really high and couldn't find out passports which they keep at the desk for your stay, and got angry at us because we couldn't remember where he put it? Absolute loser.. Everything else was fine. expensive but good

Hotel My Home

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Worst hostel I have ever stayed at Rude staff filthy rooms we had ants everywhere even all through our beds and I asked the guy to fix it and he was angry about it like it was my fault and pointed out that someone left some candy on the balcony and that was attracting them but it was from before we were there Rats in the Floor you can hear them at night Just laughed at when I complained One of the staff made some very bad comments about one of the girls staying there and was mugged walking home.

Mambo Tango Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

The best hostel ever awesome awesome awesome

Mambo Tango Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Best hostel by far that I have ever stayed at staff are awesome perfect location free pub crawls every night wicked atmosphere I stayed for 4 nights then stayed again for another night because it was that good. I was sad to leave definately recommend and il be back:)

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Awesome hostel tiny bathrooms but its pretty good all round staff are pretty nice too