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Roman Holidays Hostel

Rome, Italy

Very close to the train station, but a decent distance from most of the major attractions. But, personally, I'd rather have a short walk with my luggage and a longer walk to metro ride with a daypack.

Hotel Pensione Ottaviani

Florence, Italy

The hostel is as cheap as it is because they charge you for every basic service. "Internet? 3 euro. Baggage check? 2 euro. Breakfast? Even though we have a bunch of signs about it, we don't actually have breakfast. You want to know about laundry, there's a laundromat down the street." Nevermind that they're basically at a 5-way intersection, so "down the street" is pretty useless. I would have pressed, but it was clear that he didn't want to talk to me. The staff just aren't friendly or helpful.


This hostel is a 30min bus ride up the hill to the north of town, and there's basically nothing nearby. It's a big place with a good atmosphere, but the internet gets very overloaded, and the breakfast is just a baggie of of-the-shelf products. It's cheap because it's terrible. There is a big dining/commons area, but no kitchen facilities available. The staff are very nice though.


It's a very small hostel - there isn't even a table in the entire place. Limited kitchen facilities that are nice and clean. No real common areas. There's one shared male toilet and one shared female toilet for the everyone to try to use. It wasn't a bad place, but for what I paid, I would expect much better facilities. I'd say it was about 5euro per night overpriced. But, Nice isn't a cheap place.

My Bed BCN

Barcelona, Spain

Small hostel, but four rooms or so share a common pair of bathrooms/shower, a good kitchen, and common area. Created a pretty nice atmosphere. The hostel isn't that close to the train station, and it's not close to anything else, which is a little annoying.


Great breakfast and good kitchen facilities. Good, lively bar, but could have done with quieter music.