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Location: Australia, Gender: Female, Age: 21

Kandy City Monkey

Kandy, Sri Lanka

It was a good hostel, but very far out from the city center, about 25-30 minute walk, you can catch a tuk tuk though (dont pay more than 200Rs). The wifi worked well, the staff were good and you can also get laundry done for a relatively cheap price.

Dar Rabha

Fez, Morocco

Its a great hostel, great location and a good atmosphere with friendly and helpful staff. Breakfast is served around one table so you meet all the other travellers which is really cool. The only problem is that its not always clean and the toilets often run out of toilet paper. The bathroom is pretty small so you can basically shower, go to the toilet and brush your teeth all at the same time! The beds are comfy and the terrace is awesome too!

Funky Fes

Fez, Morocco

Good hostel, although some locals warned me not to trust the receptionists, I dont know why. I stayed there two times, one bed was comfy but the other was terrible. The common room was good and so was the terrace, wifi everywhere. Breakfast was alright, not great. Directions dont help much, a local had to show us. Tip of the day: dont do desert tours with them, major rip off. You can do cheaper ones if you go from Marrakech, or go straight to Merzouga and book one there.

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The locals may say that because we do not allow them to take advantage of our guests. Some might deliberately try to make tourists get lost in the medina, ask for money to bring them back or try to sell them hashish. Compared to many desert tours offered in Marrakesh, ours is more expensive since it includes transport, sand boarding, better-quality accommodation (with a pool) and a trip to the Middle Atlas with its monkeys. Unlike most tours from Marrakesh, our tour brings you much deeper into t

South Hostel Tarifa

Tarifa, Spain

Breakfast was pretty average. Only bread and 'creme de cacao' and tomato jam. It was clean, lots of space in the room amd everywhere else. Directions were terrible, and Im pretty sure its not where the map says it is. Its on the main road near Mercado (huge supermarket), also near a surf shop and a FRS booking office. Its quite a walk from the bus station. Apart from breaky and directions, it was a really nice stay!

Feel Hostels Soho Malaga

Malaga, Spain

It was a good hostel, except that the two bathrooms on the third floor quite often ran out of toilet paper and were a bit dirty. The kitchen lights also didnt work very well, only one of th lghts worked and th other two or three didnt. They served breakfast, and it was the standard toast wih jam or nutella and cornflakes. Comfy beds though, i would recommend!

Residencia Salamanca Dorada

Salamanca, Spain

When I arrived the 'receptionist' couldnt speak English so had to get a guest to translate. They then said that they had no reservation for me, even though I had booked two days earlier and had the confirmation email. To their credit, they quickly fixed me up with a room to myself, however there was nowhere to put my valubles. The kitchen is locked between 9pm and 9am, which they had neglected to tell me so I went without dinner for the night I was there. It was also hard to find (no signs)

Equity Point Lisboa

Lisbon, Portugal

It is a really good hostel with everything you need, I didnt have a single problem with it!!

Aveiro Rossio Hostel

Aveiro, Portugal

It was such a good hostel, friendly staff and guests, lots of space, great location. The only problem I had was with the wifi, it wouldnt always work but the staff always fixed it straight away so it was fine!

Kaps Vigo Hostel

Vigo, Spain

I really enjoyed Kaps, the staff had amazing English, were really helpful and very friendly too! The beds were comfy, breakfast was good and everything was very clean. I would definitely stay there again!


Good hostel, good location, would recommend

The Hipstel

Barcelona, Spain

The Hipstel was a really good hostel, helpful staff and central (even though its a half hour walk to Placa Catalunya, Barcelona is just that big). The kitchen was a bit small so it got a little crowed at breakfast time but that wasn't much of a problem. I wasnt the best guest because I kept changing my booking but the staff were fine with it, so thanks to them I had a good overnight stay!

Main Station Hostel

Berlin, Germany

No customer comment

Hostel Jamaika

Vilnius, Lithuania

I had a really good time at Jamaika. The dorms are huge so you can spread your stuff out and the staff are really helpful. There is a locker right next to each bed which was really useful. The facilities are pretty good, except there were a few problems with the shower fo my dorm so I had to use another one. The wifi only works in the reception, itsa bit sketchy everywhere else. Overall, I had a great time there though!

Seagulls Garret Hostel

Riga, Latvia

The lockers are good, except that they couldnt find the key for the locker i was meant to use so i had to leave my passport at reception and then keep everythig else with me. The showers were annoying to becausr they automatically turned off after about 10 seconds so you had to keep pressing the vtton to keep the water running. Apart from that it was a pretty good hostel, the staff were nice and helpful and the kitchen was good too.

The Monk's Bunk

Tallinn, Estonia

The Monks Bunk is great hostel. The staff were really helpful, the facilities were good and the atmosphere was great too. Asically I didnt want to leave Tallinn because the hostel was so cool, not because of the city!!


Stockholm, Sweden

The kitchen facility was pretty poor, all the other hostels I have been to have had more than one microwave and a kettle. That doesn't count as a fully equipped kitchen! Also, in the showers it would be handy to have something in each cubicle to put all your stuff on, like a small shelf, not just hooks. I noticed most people put there stuff on the same small shelf next to the door, so we had to get changed in front of the door with people coming and going through the door to use the toilets.