Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Age: 27

Q4 Hotel

New York, USA

I stayed at three different hostels in NYC: the Westway, the B, and the Q4. The Q4 was the only one that felt like home. I loved the enormous common area on the lowest floor of the building, featuring cozy seating, guitars, and some of the snazziest tables I've ever seen. My room was illuminated by natural light from a few frosted windows. The building was impeccably clean and the staff was friendly and helpful. Location was a little boring but very safe, with across-the-street subway access.


Pros: one of the cheapest hostels I've seen in or around New York City; very comfortable beds. Cons: a bus and subway ride away from the city (~30m); feels kinda boring and unfriendly; poor social atmosphere; no behind-the-desk luggage storage. This one feels more like a motel than a hostel, but it might be worth it for the savings. Consider the Q4 Hotel and the B Hotel & Hostel as more expensive but (potentially) much better alternatives.


A decent value for your money. With a $20 unlimited metro ticket, you can get downtown pretty quickly from Wellington, and you can either ask the staff to shuttle you there or take the bus. The building does feel a bit gloomy, though, and there are definitely a few issues with cleanliness.


As other reviews have mentioned, this place gets noisy due to the fact that the walls of the rooms don't go all the way up to the ceiling, and that the train tracks are right across the street. But if you can deal with that, this is a great place to stay! The building is in pristine condition, the common room and kitchen (next door to the main building) are enormous, and the location is great both locally and as a transit point to Manhattan. Unfortunately, it is a little on the pricy side.


Well, it's an HI hostel, so it's kind of a sprawling, renovated building with rooms that resemble jail cells. You won't feel cozy here, but it's a reasonably priced place to sleep right in the center of Quebec City.

La Maison du Patriote

Montreal, Canada

This is the homiest hostel I've ever been to! It's basically a little old house with a few rooms on the main floor and a bunch of beds in the attic. (I loved waking up to the sight of wooden beams and stone masonry, and to the sounds of Old Montreal outside.) All the walls are done up in chalk by travelers long past. There's a tiny balcony that overlooks a quaint courtyard. The common room has a bunch of instruments in various states of disrepair. Washing machines are free. Highly recommended!

HotelHotel Hostel

Seattle, USA

Talk about a confusing name! In terms of atmosphere, I definitely feel like this hostel leans more towards the "hotel" side of things. It's very sleek, clean, and modern. Quite tiny, too: I had to pass by the entrance a couple of times before I figured out where it was. Great neighborhood, friendly staff. No complaints!