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St Christopher's Greenwich

London, England

My girlfriend and I stayed here in a very nice dorm shortly before our flight back home over the pond. It was a bit difficult to get to this hostel from the airport, but that was more because I had difficulty with navigating the tube system. Travelers should just be aware: it takes quite a bit of time to get here. Staff was very friendly.

B&B RomAnticaRoma

Rome, Italy

The couple who runs this B&B were some of the nicest people we met during our trip throughout all of Europe. After 10 weeks of backpacking and hostel hopping, this little B&B was a nice respite. My girlfriend was sick during our stay, and the owners were very accommodating and made us feel right at home.

Hotel RossoVino

Milan, Italy

My girlfriend and I had to check-in late, and the person on-staff seemed very put out by this. I had given prior notice to our late check-in through the site, and so there shouldn't have been a problem. Additionally, the bed covers were very dirty with miscellaneous stains throughout. Not the most respectable establishment, but the price reflected that.

Lisbon Story Guesthouse

Lisbon, Portugal

The Lisbon Story Guesthouse was a beautiful place to stay during our time in Lisbon. My girlfriend and I really enjoyed the themed room as well as the comfortable common area. Unfortunately, my girlfriend was sick at the time of our stay, but the facilities at LSG were very accommodating.

Hotel Castilla Guerrero

Malaga, Spain

The Hotel was a great place to stay and recharge our batteries. My girlfriend and I enjoyed the newly rennovated hotel room, however our only complaint was the loud construction that started first thing at 8AM the next morning. Loud hammers pounding on the other side of the wall are not the most enjoyable alarm clock. Would recommend staying here to friends... after the renovations are complete.


The staff at X Malaga were awesome, and my girlfriend and I had a great time heading out on some of the activities they offered while we were there. Definitely check out the party boat as you won't want to miss that! Only other thing is the cleanliness left something to be desired, but the price made up for that somewhat.


This great hostel was a surprise during my 1 night stay on my way from Prague to Florence. The facilities and general well-kept hostel made it a pleasure to stay at. Some quick friends made in the dorm made for a great night out.

Hotel Bruges Inn Center

Bruges, Belgium

The shower that is available to those who are staying in rooms without an ensuite facilities is extremely disgusting. Feels like you're stepping into a closet and the smell is of old moldy wood. Not the best place to get clean.


No customer comment

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

The general disarray due to the construction was the only major setback here. That plus none of the rooms I stayed in had curtains so the sun would just blast in every morning.

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

This hostel was tucked away behind a single door in an alleyway near the center of Brussels. It was quite the experience, walking home through the square with Police officers actively clearing the area for fear of people being accosted out in the open. Keep your valuables tight to you as you head to this hostel. As for the facilities, it was fine as a one night stay. Pretty clean. However the fact that there is no staff at the hostel (no check-in, reception, etc.) was a little weird.

Motel Fehraltorf

Zurich, Switzerland

Motel Fehraltorf was great, the only thing was that all of the room keys are left on the front reception after reception closes. I basically walked in and had my pick of any room's key that was left on the reception. Not secure at all, kind of freaked me out a bit but I guess it's Switzerland and people think it's safe. Very odd.

Generator Hostel Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

Things of note: —This place is a party hostel that was renovated from a Hotel. There is a bar with some pool tables on the bottom floor that make this a fun place to hang out and grab some drinks. —There are two mini fridges, one a freezer and one a fridge. Way too small. —I was in a room directly above the front entrance, at night this was unbearably loud due to drunk people smoking and hanging out in front. Don't expect a good night's sleep any night of the week, as the bar is busy

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Castle Rock Hostel was a great choice for my trip, I really enjoyed the ambience of being under the Castle and there's nothing quite like taking a stroll down to Prince's park to have a cup of coffee and relax under the shadow of the castle. My only poor marks are for this Hostel's internet. It's virtually non-existent. If you want it to work, I suggest sitting directly next to the router. Cheers.

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

Location was great as you were just a half block from hydepark and only a few blocks away from the underground where you could go practically anywhere. I enjoyed walking around the park and taking in the sights. Some drawbacks included: —the internet was painfully slow, in this day and age internet is increasingly becoming a priority and I think most of us would rather see an increase in room prices in exchange for faster internet. —the bathroom was relatively dusty, could stand a mopping