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Oh So Indie House Hostel

Moscow, Russia

Cramped bathroom but all good loved the lounge and the piano and the kitchen all places to hang and chat

All you need is Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

Only two bathrooms and lots of Russians staying here, not a problem but I feel like sometimes there wouldn't be any other non Russian speakers staying there, so just something to aware of, I liked it and would stay again


Only two bathrooms but it was fine while I was here, otherwise facilities great, nice lounge, balcony, staff nice and helpful Lots of Russians staying here, not too many English speakers, not a problem for me

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Hi Tara! During your stay there was only one Russian speaking guy staying, he was from Belarus. The rest were mainly Germans :) We rarely have any problems with only 2 toilets because we have 4 showers that are separate from toilets so people don't occupy them for too long. Safe travels, Sallies

Heart of Gold Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Get rid of the squeaky beds! Cool place ingeneral


No soul - good over night hotel but nothing goin on there, very small kitchen extremely expensive when I stayed there

The Tent Munich

Munich, Germany

Obviously your trying to sleep in a tent with 100 other people potentially and people do stupid things like hang bottles of wine off your bunk so that anytime they move the bottles hit the side of the bunk, but the social atmosphere and bonfire, music and activites are good

Guesthouse Arabella

Vienna, Austria

studio apartment with great view, good kitchen, allows you to just do you own thing

X Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Not nearly enough hot water to go around, in either bathroom I was the furtherest away from the lounge and slept reasonably well, except for the doors tendency to slam I didn't end up participating in any of the activities, some were quite expensive Despite my food being in a labelled bag it was taken out and put on the free shelf by staff when they cleaned the fridge Very casual outfit

Blind Eye Hostel & Guest House

Prague, Czech Republic

Very easy to get to from the station, breakfast good, movies good for down time when your feeling travel fatigued, BEDS not bunks = lovely comfort, rooms not over loaded with beds either

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Dear Tara, thanks for your review. Yes, some of our showers face a wall of windows to the opposite building. Thats why we covered the window glass with white paint and we actually expect our guests not to open the windows before having a shower :)

Royal Road Residence Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Great location right near Charles bridge, very touristy though, had a very nice one bedroom apartment on the top floor, great view, however booked as twin and it was a double bed in the end, tv was "too complicated" to turn on Reception arnt particularly on to it but just make them follow up with your requests