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Aoi Garden Home

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The hostel's main guy in charge is a weird and sometimes very annoying. He just tries tu be nice but gets to much when you are trying to have a quiet moment or when you are even having a shower!! You want o ask about tours and just laugs Ah! DONT do the elephant tour, its sketchy and when I asked why there was a circus truck in the elephant "retirement" park he "forgot" how to soeak english and walked The best is the garden to chill with a great atmosphere but te dorms themselves arent the best

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Thank you for your review. We are very sorry about that our staff might have annoyed you. Our staff is always just trying to be communicative with guests travelling on their own.It might be just a communication misunderstanding, due to the fact that it is the second language for both sites. Every guests should feel free to contact us if something is not the way they wished, we'll do our best to make your stay as comfortable as possible.But we might not reach everyone's standard.

The Mad Monkey Kampot

Kampot, Cambodia

Female dorm doesn't have lockers and in reception thy offered me to keep my passport in a plastic drawer. Besides that, great atmosphere, clean and very nice food in the restaurant. The staff in the restaurant is the best! Location es very poor. Hace to walk through dark street l get to te centre of the town.

HI Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Great hostel if you want to chill and get away fom the party ones. The best staff! Super nice, helpful and very good english. Rooms were nice and very clean. The even made your bed every day. Perfect location. Recommed it 100%

Pak-Up Hostel

Krabi, Thailand

Super clean, staff is nice and has a great atmosphere. best hostel in krabi for sure. One of the best I have stayed in whol southeast asia

Palio (Haad Rin) Hostel

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Don't stay here if you mind sleeping in a room inside of a boxing ring room; having tissues covered in blood in toilet after a fight, or waking up at 8 with noise of people training in te ring. Water is cut during te night, and its not clean at all. Besides that, it has a great atmosphere during aftermoon party, free buckets for guests and paint; u can meet a lot of people.

Bedbunkers Hostel #1

Kuta, Indonesia

My sheets were dirty, they wanted to "broome" them until i said that wasnt okay. It took 2 hours to change them. Bathroom uncomfortable but clean, and only one light in a big room for six. But for 6 dollars a night in Kuta, cant complain.

Kayun Hostel

Kuta, Indonesia

Asked for a key at yhe beggining, didnt give me one saying that the door of the dorm qas always open. Toilets are dirty, shower dont have enough pressure and you run out of water. Staff wont help you with ideas os where to eat or what to do. The thing is is not that bad, average, but its price is way over rated!!

Wake Up! Sydney Central

Sydney, Australia

Great and fun hostel, though you expect it to be more friendly with prices and the things they sell. Wifi is way to expensive (dont pay for it, go down the street to next hostel and pay almost half), when I came in my bed wasn't with clean sheets, and the kitchen facilities are not enough for the hostel. The bar is a really good option for just hanging out but is also too expensive. Was there for more than 3 weeks, wanted me to pay a locker for my luggage because i wasnt a guest anymore!!

Slottsskogens Youth Hostel

Gothenburg, Sweden

The hostel is pkay and has good facilities. What i missed the most was a good atmosphere and meeting people. It was pretty dead. And it is too high the price to pay for bed linen, almost 10 euros!!

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Hello Sorry you came on a slow night but it happens. The good thing is that you can bring your own sheets and don't have to pay anything. BTW the price is 65 SEK which is apx 7,5 euros and it includes a towel.

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

The kitchen is a little bit small considering the size of the hostel. The staff was especially bad. Not friendly at all, you asked for things and didn't know at all, and there was this time when i came to ask something, they were chit chatting and asked me to wait! Received a very bad facebfrom the guy. Rooms are fine but you hace to pay to use de lockers in them and storage your luggage when you leave. Cannot have your own drinks in the hostels and have to buu theirs, which isnt cheap!

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Hi M. Thank you for your comments. I'm sorry for your comments. I'm pretty surprised about your comments of the Staff. As you see our Staff has good rating and there are always on top. I will investigate about it. Drinks are very cheap compare to where we are located and our great vibes! Kind regards Copenhagen Downtown Staff


Its nos worth the price at all, especially if you get the dorms from the old building like room 1. It was in a basement were the bathrooms were and the smell was horrible. The beds really old and could use some painting. And its annoying that they ask you for your deposit money for a foundation. Its the way they do it, you have to say yes.

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

You will ONLY paying the location which es the best!!! But Brussels is reslly small so its not that big deal. The bathrooms are really small, you cannot even dress yourself in them. The kitchen is closef from 13.00 to 16.00 so you CAN'T cook your lunch, and oh the "free breakfast" is not actually a breakfast, just a coffee or a tea. So its not worth the money besides de location.

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

I missed to have a kitchen and that there would be a real common space besides de bar to have some drinks; of course you had to pay for them and couldn't male your own. Bathroom really clean the same as the rooms, but they charged you extra for everything: computers, expensive laundry (only one washing machine for the gigantic hostel), 6 euros for breakfast, lockers to leave your bags while you wait to go... Anyways I had a great time and would recommend it!!! I would definately go again!!

Jetpak Alternative

Berlin, Germany

Didn't like it at all, especially for te price you are paying. The hostel is right next to a park that at night is nos very secure, it doesn't have a kitchen and you cannot even make your own coffee or tea because they have this big coffee machine that only the staff can use. If you want a coffee after breakfast you have to pay. There is no bathroom in the common area and you have to walk through the cold to go to your room and use the toilet. The price you pay is not worth it at all.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

It is the best hostel I've been in!!! Everythin they say in other rewues it's true and it couldn't be more homy. There is no other!! Perfect for solo travellers!!


Didn't like this hostel at all. It is not a friendly hostel for solo travellers. The common spaces are ugly and do not look clean at all. The same as the bathroom that lacks of cleaniness. The host were very nice but the hostel and facilities were not what I expected. The rooms for 8 people are too tiny and they are just too crowded.

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Hola Maria Jose, we are sorry that you didn't like the hostel. About the cleaning.. our cleansers are in the hostel 10 hours per day and during the night we clean several times bathrooms and commons areas. Your room was 8 bed dormitory, as you reserved, but was just 4 of you in the room. So impossible not to have space enough. saludos

Granada Inn Backpackers

Granada, Spain

This was a great hostel, very clean and good bedrooms. The problem was that the kitchen was too small for all the rooms that they have and the bathrooms weren't enough either; 1 bathroom for 8 people in the same room was unconfortable and not enough. Besides that I recommend it a lot!!

360 Hostel Centro

Madrid, Spain

I loved this hostel! It was muy first time alone in one and it could not be better. The hosts made you feel at home, the facilities were perfect, and it is a good place if you are travelling on your own. You can easily meet people. Great time, recommend it!!