Reviews: Anonymous


I would definitely recommend this hostel to anyone who wants to have fun and meet lots of people. This hostel had an awesome bar with very cool and friendly staff who are easy to get to know. They have really good beer selection and there seem to be a lot of young fun people there. The rooms are very cramped and small but they have some better beds that are very large and they have good places to lock up backpacks to keep stuff safe.


I really loved this hostel and the bar downstairs. I really loved the rooms, I stayed in a 12 bed mixed dorm and it had a great view of the canal as well very nice beds and lots of windows and space. It was the best hostel I've stayed at so far and it had lots of storage space for backpacks that could easily be secured. I even lost my ipod in the staircase and one of the staff found it and got it returned to me, I was very grateful. Overall it was a great place to stay!