Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Pearl

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Not really any true hostels in Dubrovnik (noise complaints) so you basically have apartments - however, luka is the man and was very helpful and gave us huge room upgrades, his apartments are also fantastic in location, right outside the old town! Great guy - would highly reccomend staying with Luka

Luka's Lodge

Hvar, Croatia

Staff was very friendly and helpful - and was a very social/fun place to be / easy to make a lot of new friends! Staff takes everyone out every night in a big group


Split, Croatia

It's a nice lady and her family's apartment on the top floor right outside the old town walls - great location but it's not really a hostel (no other people to meet). However, it is in the same building as the popular Adriatic Hostel - staff there is nice and you can go down and socialize / make friends