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Revolutum Hostel

Salamanca, Spain

Neither the city nor the hostel have a backpacker vibe, the majority of visitors are people that are visiting study abroad students or on a larger tour of Spain, because of this the hostel didn't have a very good vibe for meeting people. There was a nice cafe but it is also open to the public so it is not just people from the hostel that are there. Great location. Clean, but small rooms. Elevator and minimal breakfast.

Surfing Etxea

San Sebastian, Spain

The atmosphere of this hostel was absolutely awesome, slightly overwhelming when I first got there and everyone was partying in the hostel but it feels like more of a shared house with friends rather than a hostel. It was super close to the beach which was awesome and a short walk to the old town. They need to figure out a better system for their bathrooms as there are only two for the whole hostel. Overall I loved San Sebastián and I'll definitely be back to this hostel.

Ganbara Hostel

Bilbao, Spain

The pictures made this hostel look a lot newer and cleaner than I actually found it. The bathrooms in the room weren't super clean and the beds were uncomfortable. Breakfast was good and the staff was really helpful but because of it's location right near the old town it got a bit loud at night.


Leon, Spain

The hostel was really nice and clean but the people staying there weren't very friendly. Also the lack of a 24 hour receptionist or even a receptionist there past 7:30 made things a bit difficult.

Avenue Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Good location. I want to give this hostel a better review because of the awesome staff that were extremely helpful and welcoming but the facilities were just not up to snuff. Though the furniture in the rooms and kitchen is all new it is an old building and the bathrooms on the second floor were falling apart. Lines for showers stacked up since there was only one working shower on the second top floor and the other shower options required trekking through the lobby and kitchen. Spotty wifi too.

Kick Ass Hostels

Edinburgh, Scotland

I loved the cafe downstairs! This hostel is big but not a party hostel yet a great place to meet people. You could sometimes hear people partying outside the window in the Square during the night. It has a great view of the castle and is within walking distance of most of the sights. If you find the right staff person you're able to get really good advice. Wifi worked well and the rooms and bathrooms were clean. The kitchen isn't the best for cooking a meal, but good enough to get the job done.

Czech Inn

Prague, Czech Republic

I had left my backpack unlocked for less than an hour in the dorm and my camera was stolen. The staff was extremely helpful and helped by calling the police and translating for me so that I could file a report. Despite this I was able to have a good stay although some staff members were more helpful than others. They change shifts around 10pm and are usually grumpy right before they get off so if you can wait, you should. Wifi is not good in the rooms but everything is very clean.

Hostel of the Sun

Naples, Italy

No customer comment

Ca' dei Fuseri

Venice, Italy

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Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I stayed in three different dorms in Amsterdam and this was by far the best one. Clean. You have your own plug and light by your bed and a security box. There aren't lockers big enough to fit your entire bag but there are lockers big enough to fit the important stuff.

Hans Brinker Budget Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This place should be classified a frat house not a hotel. The mattress was stained with god knows what and the towel they give you should be called a washcloth not a towel. It is nicknamed the worse hotel in the World and it is.

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Hi Elizabeth, Thanks for your review. I can assure you our bed linen and towels are clean. We are a budget hotel / hostel so we are really basic (and one of the cheapest in Amsterdam). Greetings, Hans Brinker

Euphemia Old City Canal Zone

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This place is nothing special but had clean sheets and a clean bathroom.


Phillip was an excellent host and gave a great introduction to the city, which was much appreciated as I was traveling alone and unfamiliar with the city and transport.