Reviews: Anonymous

HongKong City Guesthouse

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

The hostel is well situated and one of the cheapest of the city (100HK$/night in dormitory), however there was only 1 bathroom (1 toilet, 1 sink and 1 shower) for 4 dormitories (6 persons in each I think), the general cleanliness of the bathroom and dormitories was poor (moisture on the walls and ceiling, very small bugs, at first I thought it was a 1mm spider but it looked like a humidity bug, and I also killed a bug that looked like a very small cockroach on my bed, but blood came out of it).

Guilin Riverside Hostel

Guilin, China

It's very clean, the rooms are big, the beds in the dormitory are for 2 people (no bunk beds), there is only 1 bathroom for the room (6 people my memory is good), but it's huge ! And the dormitory cost only 30 yuan !! There are at least 2 computers (in the entrance) and they are very good, there are 3 wifis, a good choice of food and the terrace is nice.

Chengdu Free Guys Hostel

Chengdu, China

Staff was very nice and helped us a lot for the bookings without asking any additional fee. The walls are very well decorated with beautiful drawings. Inside the common room there's a baby-foot, chairs, sofa, tables, a bar/restaurant, a TV and a computer. However the wifi is not very good, and so is the computer. The public toilets and bathroom are quite good (in the average of the other youth hostels I've been to) and clean. If you can don't take the private room close to the bar it's noisy