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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 22

X Hostel Alicante

Alicante, Spain

The hostel has a great location, very close to the train station and the city centre. It's also just about a 15 minute walk from the beach. It has a kind of hipster vibe to it but other than that it was a great hostel to stay in for a weekend in Alicante.


Rome, Italy

All around a good hostel. It's within walking distance from the train station and only about a 15 minute walk to the Spanish steps and other historic sites. I took a Ryanair bus to the airport and it picked up just a block away from the hostel. There are plenty of restaurants and grocery stores close by to the hostel.


This was a great hostel for a weekend in Nice. It has great facilities and beautiful views of the sea and the rest of the city. Just be aware that the hostel is slightly far away from the beach and the city center. It's still within walking distance, in my opinion, but what makes it tough to get to is the fact that it is at the top of a fairly large hill. The hostel thankfully has a shuttle that drives up and down the hill. The complementary breakfast was fantastic!


This is a good hostel for a weekend in Paris. It is located just a 5-10 minute walk form the Gare du Norde. I definitely recommend purchasing a 2 day metro pass since Paris is more spread out and the metro is the easiest and quickest way to get to the major sites such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, etc.

Amistat Beach Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

This was truly one of my favorite hostels I have stayed at. Although it is a little far away from the city center, the proximity to the beach and the friendly and helpful staff made up for that. There is a kitchen in the hostel and a supermarket down the street so it is easy to cook on a budget. I highly recommend staying at this hostel on your next trip to Barcelona!!

Las Musas Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Hostel is in a great location; close to the metro station, supermarket, restaurants and bars. Very clean, hot showers and a great kitchen to cook in. The hostel also offers activities like a pub crawl for about 12.50 euros and other things. Overall it was a great hostel!

Zebra Hostel

Milan, Italy

This was a very fun hostel to stay at, one of my favorites! The location is perfect, just a 10-15 minute walk to the Duomo and there is a supermarket across the street from the hostel. It has everything you will need: lockers, a kitchen, linens provided, breakfast included, wifi, etc. I highly recommend staying at this hostel if you go to Milan, definitely a great value for your money!


Athens, Greece

The best thing that this hostel has to offer is the location. It is right in the city center, right across the street from The Temple of Zeus and Hadrian's Arch. Breakfast is also included. In my opinion, you can stay at a hostel a little further away from the city city center and have better facilities and staff and also pay a lot less. This hostel definitely is not the best value for your money.


Overall a good hostel. The price is very cheap, but it is still only a 15-20 minute walk to the Acropolis and is also very close to a metro and a supermarket. The only down side of this hostel was that it was rather dirty, especially in the kitchen.

Black & White Hostel

Milan, Italy

This hostel was ok for a short visit to Milan. Not the greatest location. It is pretty far away from the city center. I would say that it is located in Milan's version of China Town. There isn't really a common area of the hostel so it is hard to meet other people staying there. It is in a very old building and is very drafty.


The only down side to this hostel is that there is no kitchen and the hostel has a rule that you are not allowed to bring your own food into the hostel to eat. There is a bar on the first floor which also serves food, but the prices are high. Other than that, it is a great hostel; clean, friendly staff, lockers and luggage room available. The best part is that it is at a great location! Only a 10 minute walk from Buckingham Palace and just a few blocks away from the Victoria station.