Reviews: Anonymous


Staff was awesome. Pool is great if you're tired of walking all over the city. Lots of activities provided. The computer lounge is full of fools that would rather browse facebook for hours on end, so it's kind of annoying walking through that area. If you're going to this hostel to look at computer screen you're missing out on alot. Santiago is a great tour guide if you get the oppurtunity to go. Really nice guy. Tip him well, he goes out of his way to make sure everyone enjoys it.

Gold Coast

Lagos, Portugal

Nice down to Earth hostel. Rooftop area is cool. People congregating their all night. It closes too early, but it just takes the party to the streets. Staff was very nice and helpful. Arther was a great host: really easy to talk to and he'll probably end up having a beer with you. He knows everything about the city and is happy to keep you informed. Avoid the Rising Cock and go here. You can have the same experience (it's one block away) and go home to a clean bed.

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Staff was awesome. Great hostel/highly recommended. Perfect blend of party and chill atmosphere. Nothing is more infuriating then a party going on in your room when all you want to do is pass out. Loads of good rest to sleep off the nightly pub crawls! Andre and Ivo (pub crawl guide) were especially excellent!