Reviews: Anonymous

Albergue Zaragoza Hostel

Zaragoza, Spain

I woke up late one day and saw the cleaning lady clean up the room, and rather then taking and washing the sheets of person who left she just sprayed it with something and made the bed. Apart from that the hostel was ok, but I would look for somewhere else before crashing there again.

Quart Youth Hostel

Valencia, Spain

They don't actually have a common area, it is a corner of the dining room which is actually part of the kitchen and they lock it up at 11. So if you are going as a solo traveller and want to meet people stay away from this hostel. The staff were not very helpful, I had a problem with the wifi my phone would not connect the guys solution was to show me how the wifi worked on his phone and tell me my phone was the problem. When it comes down to it I would go back and I do not recommend it. to a

Sant Jordi Diagonal Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

I really had a good time here. The staff were very kind and helpful the facilities were good and the overall atmosphere was very cool. I would recommend it to anyone and would stay there again when I go back to Barcelona.