Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Israel, Age: 36

The place is huge, in a bad way. When you check out in the morning, they charge you 5 euros to leave your bags at the hostel. No one at the reception can remember who you are, because there're just too many guests at any given time. The people serving breakfast were sour-faced, but maybe that's just how the French are toward foreigners in general. There were no hooks for towels in the bathroom, and only one soap dispenser worked but it had no soap in it. The beds were the best I'd ever slept on

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Thank you for your comments. It's a shame you didn't appreciate your stay as much as we'd wish. We're certainly going to use such comments to improve, as for your comments on the French, this is perhaps going too far, but we're all allowed our opinions. We'll certainly look into improving that personal vibe you're after. Thanks again. St Chris GDN

Hostel Baccarat

Nice, France

Yeah, it was alright. I mean, the place is rather big so there isn't that feeling of a travelers hostel but rather of a large hotel. Why do they insist on guests leaving their key at the reception? Anyone can just say room number X and get the key and potentially steal whatever's there. Also, there are way too many people at the evening events, to the point where it gets chaotic. The hostel is somehow combined with another hotel, which makes everything even more confusing. Good location, though.

Manena Hostel

Genoa, Italy

Seriously, this is my kind of hostel. You get there and immediately you feel like part of a big family. The staff goes out of its way to make you feel welcome and at home, and when twice I got stuck without a place to stay the night they hooked me up with an extra bed. The free walking tour was entertaining and educational, and it was a great way to meet other guests at the hostel. The staff also recommended places for us to go out for drinks and have a good time. Couldn't ask for more.

Hostel TO

Turin, Italy

Oy. I think the owners genuinely try to make the place decent, but there's just too much working against them. First of all, they can barely speak English. Once when the internet was down, it was nearly impossible to explain to them what the problem was. Beyond that, the walls of my room were literally crumbling apart -- pieces of the door frame were cracking and falling off. At the time I stayed there, the place was overrun by Ukrainian athletes in their 50s, and it was very strange.

Ostello Burigozzo 11

Milan, Italy

This is one of the coziest hostels I've stayed in. Milan was my first city in Europe, and the staff welcomed me in warmly and made me feel right at home. The way the hostel is set up makes meeting other travelers easy: just sit in the common room with your laptop, and within an hour or two you'll be joined by other guests. The location was ideal: not smack in the center, but just a short walk from all the action and surrounded by places to get food, chill in the park, and even play basketball.