Reviews: Anonymous

The Cardamom Hostel

Melaka, Malaysia

The owner was very helpful and provided us with a map and tons of suggestions for where to eat and what to see. The wifi worked great from everywhere. The room was a little warm and the beds were not that comfortable, but it was a great value for the price

Black&Wild Boutique Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

Great location but few bathrooms.

Hostel MOJO

Prague, Czech Republic

Excellent for the price, but it is more of a hotel than a hostel. It is a little out of the way, but you can still easily walk to everything. I ended up in a 4 person room by myself for the two days that I was there. Wifi works well in the rooms. The staff were friendly.


This is definitely a hotel, not a hostel, that lets you split the cost of your room with a few strangers. Wifi works well in the rooms, but the kitchen and fridge is far away from everything. Berlin requires taking the metro to get everywhere anyway, so the location of the hostel matters less.

Porto Wine Hostel

Porto, Portugal

The staff was excellent. They put up with my arriving early (there is a time difference between Spain and Portugal) and were happy to store my bag while I went exploring. They were helpful in answering questions. Very clean, but there could be more bathrooms. Also a bit of a party hostel and lots of stairs to get to the top floor.

Escudellers House

Barcelona, Spain

I was very happy with my visit. The hostel location was perfect and the staff were good at providing suggestions for sites I could see that were not super touristy. The other guests were respectful and friendly. I liked having a kitchen and it was cleaner than my dorm suite.