Reviews: Anonymous

Maverick Hostel & Ensuites

Budapest, Hungary

free internet and use of computers was nice. the staff were exceptionally nice. I had my dirty clothes laundered and they are clean and smell fantastic. the location was great. the room and bed were comfortable. the shower and bathroom was great.

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

I loved the staff, location, name, hot water pot in the room, comfortable bed and bath, in short, EVERYTHING!!!

Home Made House/Hostel

Vilnius, Lithuania

My room and bed were comfortable and clean, newly remodeled. Bathrooms are good. The ambiance was great- Raynata (sp?) was the key to making everyone feel like it is home. She was helpful and probably made 50 cups of tea every day. While I was there Lithuania was in the basketball European championships and she invited me to the festivities. The hostel is close to Old Town, gave me a great map and advice as to what to see, and made it easy to enjoy the city, which I did.


I loved the hostel location and facilities including the shared bathrooms which had enough room to keep towel and clothes dry .The room was very comfortable. The only thing I didn't like were the stairs.

Oh So Indie House Hostel

Moscow, Russia

The owner was sweet and helpful. The old building common area was beautiful, the room simple, and the bathrooms pretty small. My clothes and towels always were wet when I was done showering. The free use of computers and internet was really appreciated.

MIR Hostel

St Petersburg, Russia

I didn't like the half-stairs. My feet were wet and I almost slipped. I didn't like taking off my shoes either because of slipping. The reason for the no shoes policy was that the hostel is so clean but every night a flying insect buzzed me over and over and I ended up with 6 bites on my face and neck and 22 on my body. It isn't housekeepings fault- they worked really hard to clean the bathrooms, empty the garbage, wash the laundry and make up[ the rooms. Also the lights went out one day.

OldHouse Hostel

Tallinn, Estonia

I left the hostel at 1500 and came back at 1800 and was locked out- there was no receptionist and my key did not work. The receptionist who checked me in was nice and the lady the next morning was very very pleasant and woke me up and got me taxi. The only problem was being locked out when I had to go to the bathroom. The room was very cute and comfortable.


Helsinki, Finland

The quality of food could be better, especially fresh bread- it was always hard and stale. Everything else was THE BEST!

Anker Hotel

Oslo, Norway

I loved the hotel, it was clean, comfortable, the food was excellent, the TV said "hello Lee" when I got to my room, the TV had BBC or CNN, the shower was cool the way the doors folded, the staff was helpful, gave me an indispensable map, the transportation was at the front door, the hotel was perfect!