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Alpes Huaraz

Huaraz, Peru

Overall: Quiet hostel in Huaraz, about 5 mins walk from main square. Met some great other travelers while here. || Rooms: Rooms were very nice. Beds were warm, ensuite bathroom was clean. || Security: No lockers in rooms, but padlock lockers in reception area. || Internet: Generally reliable, covers common areas. || Other: Staff (particularly Daniel) was very friendly and helpful. Can book day hikes (and maybe treks?) through reception. Small bar/common area.

Kokopelli Hostel Paracas

Paracas, Peru

Overall: Great hostel on the beach. Paracas doesn't have much going on though, and the beach isn't that nice (except in front of the luxury resorts, which they block off). It's also 3x the price of Lima/Cusco. || Rooms: Clean and generally quiet. || Security: Padlock lockers in rooms, no plugs inside. No lockers by reception. No bag tag for stored baggage. || Internet: Reliable and covers common areas. || Other: Pool area. Gate directly onto beach. Bar in open backyard with hammocks, food, etc.


Overall: An enjoyable stay. Good location in the heart of Miraflores. Not a lot to do in Lima in general though, so be aware of that! || Rooms: My room was quiet, though some of the dorm rooms face directly onto the busiest intersection in Miraflores. || Security: Padlock lockers in rooms with plugs inside (though mine didn't work). Smaller padlock lockers in reception area. Key provided for room door. || Internet: No issues. Covers all common areas. || Other: Pong and foosball on patio.


Overall: This is a party hostel! Like, "looks like a frat house and had a toga party while we were there" hostel. Fun, but come ready to party (though Wild Rover is apparently the new "rage your face off" hostel). 5-7 min walk to main square. || Rooms: We had a spacious 6 bed ensuite. Bathroom was clean, getting hot water wasn't an issue.|| Security: No keys to room doors. Padlock rollboxes under beds for luggage. Smaller padlock lockers in reception area. || Internet: Not very reliable wifi.

Intro Hostels Cusco

Cusco, Peru

Overall: Nice quiet place to stay before a trek. Definitely not a party hostel. Few blocks from main square. Staff was super friendly! || Rooms: Rooms were nice. Bathrooms were cleaned multiple times per day. No issue with getting hot water. || Security: Could use some extra security at the door and with bag storage. || Internet: Wifi was ok, though router had to be reset multiple times per day. || Other: Lockers with internal plugs in the main courtyard area.

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

Overall: Highly recommended. Laid back hostel, but enough people around that you can party if you want. || Rooms: Rooms were nice, had locks on doors. Beds were comfortable and warm. Bathrooms seemed well cleaned. || Security: Padlock lockers in room with in-unit chargers. Also smaller padlock lockers in reception area. Bags left in storage are given bag tag. || Internet: Most reliable I had in Peru. Covers all common areas. || Other: Great location only a block or two from main square.

El Viajero Cartagena Hostel

Cartagena, Colombia

Overall: Stay here! Great location in old city, but walking distance to the crazier/dirtier Getsemani area. || Rooms: Our room was nice and clean. Bathrooms were clean, though showers get a little humid. || Security: Had electronic lock boxes in all rooms, great feature! Also padlock areas under beds for luggage. || Internet: Decently reliable wifi covering all common areas. || Other: Alex is the man!

Hostel Ani & Haakien Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Overall, a good place to stay. Rotterdam didn't seem to have a ton going on, though I was only there from 8pm - 8am during a layover (and it was a Monday). Staff was super friendly and helpful with their recommendations. Location was great and a 5 minute walk from Rotterdam Centraal. Hostel is brand new so everything is very clean (including rooms and bathrooms). Has wifi and a big common area downstairs, plus a nice little backyard. Would stay here again!