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this is my second time to do this and i cannot remember what i wrote before. sometimes the music is too loud at night and drives you away from the bar not to it and not enough bar staff during peak times. in the women's dorm separating the large area room light from the one over the mirror would be better so that people could use the sink and mirror without turning on the big light and disturbing others' rest morning and night. in other words a switch for each light.

Smart Hyde Park Inn Hostel

London, England

No elevator and i was put on the 4th floor. i asked for help with my suitcase as i'd recently had surgery and wasnt to lift more than 5kilos. the guy at the desk said i could ask one of the guests to help me but he couldnt/wouldnt nor would he find anyone to help me. the women's dorm was crowded; bathroom-shower combo in the room was very small. the front doors were always wide open and anyone could come in and seize an opportunity to go thru the security door when someone else opened it.

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Thank you for your feedback. Security was never an issue but we take all our guests comments very seriously and we will look into it. Our staff members are extremely busy and it is possible that the receptionist didn't find the time to go with you to your room as he was attending other guests requests. We offer a cheap and competitive accommodation at very good location. HPI Staff

Hostelle - Female Only Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

i really liked the idea of an all female hostel; much more relaxed and laid back atmosphere: could wear your comfy clothes: no loud guy noises: need to oil those very squeaky door hinges; esp room 4: a little stool in the shower to put stuff on would be nice:


need more hooks or a little table or chair in the bathroom to put stuff on. i mean you need a place to put your toiletries, your clean towel, your clothes youre taking off, the clean ones youre putting on. a tiny little hook is just not enough.

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

an elevator would have been helpful to get my heavy bag up to the 3rd floor dorm, but then one of the employees helped me when i arrived. so if they were to be conscious of someone who may need help, then the elevator is a non issue. also would recommend more hooks in the bathroom.

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

Your location is the best, one-two minutes from the Acropolis. Cant beat that. The bar on top is a bit scary: people drinking, outside, 5 floors up. Would be easy to go over that stair railing. But other than that I liked the bright cheery atmosphere. you were tops on my list til i stayed at the Ruthensteiner hostel in Vienna. I have recommended your hostel to others coming your way.

Hostel Mancini

Naples, Italy

It was within a k walk from train station,not difficult to find tho'you take your life in your hands getting around and thru the traffic in the square The area is quite filthy and littered beyond belief. Felt safe inside the hostel but wouldn't go . Out alone after dark. It is clean. The atmosphere is bright, colorful, and cheerful. The owner/manager was brusque, a bully when I arrived. He insisted I was in a bad move when I arrived so to stop the lecture I gave up,said you win, you're rig

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For who READ this review: this guest walked in the Hostel when we were making two check in and give tips to the guests like always we do ( check out our STAFF rating ;-) ) Well she almost pretended that we check her in first because becaus eshe felt hot walking from station to the Hostel ( 5 min. on foot!! ). We didn\\\'t and ask her to seat into the TV room to let us check in the


Turin, Italy

Clean, bright, welcoming. Not in a vet good area.streets littered, groups hanging out here and there, lot's of graffiti. The staff was very helpful. The rooms very clean.