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Hostel Meyerbeer Beach

Nice, France

Excellent hostel, very well located, staff extremely helpful and friendly.

San Geremia Rooms

Venice, Italy

Is very close to the train station, but a bit far form San Marcos. It works more like a hotel than an hostel, in fact there are no common areas, so is very difficult to meet other travelers, for us that is not a problem, but is something to have in consideration. The facilities were very clean,and the room was cleaned every day. The toilettes were in perfect conditions.

New Hostel Florence

Florence, Italy

The hostel is well located, near the train station and 15 minutes walk to the city center. The staff was very friendly and helpful. However, that's it, we make reservation for a double bed room, but when we arrive they gave us a bunk bed which was very uncomfortable, considering that we are a couple on vacations, they offered try to change us the next day, but when you are staying three nights in each place, you don wanna have to pack everything and change room again. .


Probably the one of the best hostels that we visited. It is 15 minutes from the train station using the subway, and 10 minutes from the city centre, which is good, because is a bit far form the noise from that area. The staff was very helpful and friendly, they give us information about how to get to places of interest. The host have a well equipped kitchen, and nice common areas, including a pub/cafe were you can have a beer and some free pasta during evenings.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

The hostel is very close to the train station. You can walk 15 minutes to the main attractions or take the subway which is two blokes away. The common facilities are very good, there is a pub in the ground floor that serves good breakfasts for a reasonable price, the bathrooms are big, clean and with enough space. We stayed in a shared room, the furnitures were very old but we have enough space, however, the blankets where very smelly. They provided with clean sheets tough.

Students & Travellers Inn

Athens, Greece

Hostel is in the middle of Plaka (the touristic area), the staff was very nice. The bedroom was tiny, but clean and well kept. Even though the breakfast is not included for 3 to 5 euros you can have a really nice one. The hot water run out the last day, so if that happens to you, let the manager know and they'll fix it. The hostel has a promotion for eating in the restaurant beside it, but they're not very friendly with the people with that deal, and the food is not good.

Istanbul Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

After staying in a lot of hostels, this was a very poor one. The location is excellent, but thats all. We stayed in a double bed private room which was very small. The sheets were too small for the bed and very awkward. The staff was friendly and helpfull. The breakfast (included in the price) was very poor. The toilets were old and very uncomfortable.


Very good hostel, well located, and with friendly and helpful staff. The breakfast, even though it's not included is cheap and very, very good. Good idea to take the free walking tour, excellent beginning for our time in Vienna.

Freddie next to Mercury

Bratislava, Slovakia

Excellent hostel, staff very helpful.. The location is not very good (about a 30 min walk to downtown) but there are buses near by, and is close to the train station, which is very helpful if you're carrying a lot of luggage. Breakfast (not included) was sufficient but not very tasty.

Hostel Orange

Prague, Czech Republic

The hostel had a perfect location near all the important places in Prague. However, at least our room was on top of a restaurant, witch means constant smell of food, which permeated all our clothes. Receptionist are full english speakers and they have maps available for everybody, there is no need to buy one.

Die Wohngemeinschaft

Cologne, Germany

We only stayed there for one night, but the facilities where really good, there was a problem with our reservation but they solved very quick and give us free breakfast (which was very good) in composition for the problem. Overall, a very good experience.

Hostel de Passage

Bruges, Belgium

The hostel has an excellent location. It's on top of a restaurant with amazing food. Both owners of the hostel were very pleasant, and they let us left our bags in the hostel after the check out, no charge. On the down side, we reserved a double bed room, but we get a two bed room. And it is a bit uncomfortable that the showers were unisex, so you have to get dressed inside the same cubicle that you showered, with no place lo left your close.