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Hanoi Lucky Guesthouse

Hanoi, Vietnam

We stayed in this guesthouse for a night. We were a group of 7 people and the hanoi lucky guesthouse one was full when we booked so they took us to the hanoi lucky 2. Rooms were better, cozier, and more expensive but they didnt charge us the difference as it was their mistake. It was very nice of them even though i cant judge the room from lucky GH 1. This and the free drink when you arrive, the kindness of the people working there etc... made it a very good GH i recommand.

My My Arthouse

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Delightfull GuestHouse with a wonderfull host that is both nice, sympathic and not too demanding. The rooms are small but well equipped and clean. Bathrooms were cleaned every day. You can get good advices and daily trips or even plane and bus tickets from the owner. Overall, the seven of us spent 3 days in My My Arthouse and we were all very happy about it. Cheap, clean and pleasant. :)