Reviews: Anonymous


Barcelona, Spain

This place is wonderful. Jose Maria goes out of his way to accommodate and help out his guests. The facility is great, well equipped kitchen. Very close to the metro, very easy to get anywhere in town. Highly suggest!

Hostel Frat House

Split, Croatia

While I otherwise didn't have a bad stay, the last night a staff member came into my room drunk and repeatedly tried to let me let him into my bed. It was not aggressive but it was extremely inappropriate. I had not had contact with him in a manner prior to this that would warrant this behavior.

Hostel Majdas

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

This is an amazing hostel. Great people on staff. The tour is supposed to be amazing, email ahead to get on the list. The free dinner on the first night was very good, wish I had the recipe! Also very well located. Large groups are often with an open space to hang out. Highly suggest staying here!